Bodybyloud! is Elevation.

Elevation in the form of a 'God as Me' consciousness expressed through #GetRightQuotes and the wisdom of the ages. It's all about Truth, Right-Thinking, and Elevation Vibes.

Elevation is determined by your conscious perception of yourself and life.  In order to elevate we must be conscious of ‘What is good’.  We must think our way up. Bodybyloud! makes use of this understanding to give you #GetRightQuotes that express Truth, Right-Thinking, and the wisdom of knowing how the universal supreme creative force operates.  In this way, Bodybyloud! expresses the Elevation Consciousness. For a more secular outlook on what’s good check out The GetRight Spot!

Heaven is Satisfaction

The only satisfaction is the realization of desire. The idea of heaven revolves around being satisfied You ain’t in heaven unless you’re satisfied. The question is can you truly be satisfied? Hits: 0

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Now is Perfect
Truth Consciousness Elevation

NOW is Perfectly the Greatest Moment

The universal supreme creative force is the ceaseless and ever-perfecting spirit. It knows no idea of degradation or flaw. This makes every advancing moment more perfect than the last. NOW is perfectly the greatest moment in time and space.

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shallow focus photo of change
The Book of Loud

Change is a Difference in Thought.

Whether you are the observed or the observer the only thing that is indicative of change is the altering of either’s point of view. The observer must change their behavior/actions or the observed must do so in order for change

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Be the Consciousness

The only to Elevate is to stay conscious of your goal. Claim your goal and maintain that mental image in thought and deed.

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