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Bodybyloud! is the Elevation of Thought Vibration

A Consciousness expressed through #GetRightQuotes and the wisdom of the ages. It's all about Truth, Right-Thinking, and Elevation Vibes.

Vibration and Elevation are determined by your Conscious perception of yourself and life.  In order to elevate we must be conscious of ‘What is good’.  Bodybyloud! makes use of this understanding to give you #GetRightQuotes that express Truth, Right-Thinking, and the wisdom of knowing how the universal supreme creative force operates.  In this way, Bodybyloud! expresses the Elevation Conscious Vibration.

You Can’t Be What You Don’t Do
God As Me
Truth Consciousness Elevation
Bodybyloud! Vint

‘God As Me’ is the Only Perspective in Your Universe.

The ‘God AS’ Perspective Because the universal supreme creative force makes everything out of itself, there is only one perspective in the universe.  It is the ‘GOD AS’ perspective.  The universal supreme creative force (USCF)/God is the universe.  God as

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Metaphysical Truth about Adam and Eve
The Book of Loud
Bodybyloud! Vint

The Metaphysical Truth about Adam and Eve (Part 1)

From Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning by The Honorable Judge Thomas Troward Part 1: The Essential Truth about God The Bible shares metaphysical truth about the relationship between spirit and matter/expression. This is what metaphysics relates to, how spirit affects matter.

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Be the Consciousness

The only to Elevate is to stay conscious of your goal. Claim your goal and maintain that mental image in thought and deed.


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