Bodybyloud! The GetRight Spot! is Marketing and Promotion Elevation.

We're shaking the music industry up with a new way of marketing music. The music market is saturated and totally unorganized. It needed a platform design to give the music fan more power to promote the music they love. Our social media marketing strategy seeks to help independent artist promote their music alongside industry giants to gain the widest audience possible while giving the fans real access to the promotion process. Market your brand, music, and business while getting yourself mentally and consciously prepared for success. We are a marketing platform that connects the artist, music and most importantly, the fans.

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This collection of videos seek to give information and understanding needed to #getyourmindright. The 'GetRight' in The GetRight Movement stands for "getting your mind and spirit right" which is done through Conscious Elevation. Conscious Elevation is the act of doing whatever it takes to raise your consciousness to the fact that ALL is Good. Its principle is, the better your thoughts, the better your life.

Books to Get Your Mind and Spirit Right

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