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The Circumstances surrounding the birth of Bodybyloud!

An idea with no action behind it, os just a dream.

The Birth of Bodybyloud!

When I had the thought that became Bodybyloud! I was working out on the elliptical machine at my gym. Under the influence of strong cannabis, which we in the south refer to as "loud" due to the strong aroma.

Up until that particular day I had been primarily listening to house music as my #musicfuel.  However, that day I changed it up and put on some funky, soulful, R&B by Van Hunt.

Bodybyloud! was born to Van Hunt's - "Highlights"

When BAM! A funny thought hit me!

People, like myself, who like to workout high, are using the Body by loud! Fitness Program, lol.

The thought or high-dea came to me with a big laugh.  It was funny to me.  At first, that's all I thought it was...a personal joke.

After thinking about it, and expanding on the thought, I began to see Bodybyloud! as having more aspects to it than physical.

The body can represent Life.

Life can be approached in the same manner as physical fitness.  It requires conscious spiritual and mental exercise similar to that physically done in the gym.  Repetition and persistence in the form of meditations, affirmations and mental science (our habitual thoughts) are the fitness regimen that creates our lives.

This requires Positivity and an unwavering Love of and for Life.

The idea of feeling good and enjoying life while doing what it takes to better yourself is Bodybyloud!

Just like there is a science behind building a physically fit body.  There is a science behind elevating the Spiritual and Mental aspects of Life.

Bodybyloud! is the quest to Learn and DO what it takes to elevate the spirit and mind to the point that Life Elevation is the inevitable outcome.

The learning aspect of Bodybyloud! is one of the most fruitful and potentially powerful aspects of the quest.  The more we know the more we can grow.  We embrace learning from all the masters and sages who have come before and those doing great work now.

Ever since it's birth as an idea, I've imagined what Bodybyloud! could be. It has become a multi-faceted,  complex, and consuming thought creation of possibilities.  Its birth has awakened unseen potential, in me,  and in what I believe is possible for Everyone.

This brainchild has grown and evolved from just a funny thought into a personal philosophy and lifestyle. I live Bodybyloud!  I Live Positivity, Love, and Life Elevation.

An idea without any action behind it is just an idea.

This site is a Body by loud!  I'm usually happy and #elevated when the ideas for the site come to me.  The mental, spiritual and educational growth along with the discipline and dedication it's taking to make these high-ideas become reality is manifesting potential I have in myself.

This potential just needed a desire to create and see materialize.

I'm sure it's the same for others.  If you see potential in an idea and are willing to act and learn what it takes to make it a reality, then it will happen.  This Law of Creation is waiting on you to Believe.

Enjoying the journey is what it's all about, and that's what Bodybyloud! is.

If you Believe you can Elevate Your Life and Believe in the Elevation of all other aspects of life that make life good such as Love Elevation, Music Elevation, Spiritual Elevation, Mental Elevation, Physical Health Elevation, Laughter and Entertainment Elevation, then you are welcome to Join Bodybyloud!

The GetRight Movement is Our Quest to Improve the Lives of Everyone

If you love to share Inspirational and Motivational pics, books, quotes, memes, videos, lectures, etc.

Join The GetRight Movement group here on Bodybyloud!  Let's motivate and inspire others to become the best version of themselves they can possibly be, as we journey to do the same.

Check out other posts' on Abundance, Law of Attraction, Peace, Harmony, Love, Mental Science, Meditation, principles of life and many more to come.

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