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We finesse the universe by using our understanding of the laws of the universe to bring about or create what we desire in our life. This is why we study cause and effect.  All things are possible by understanding the creative power in us.

We are of the Universal Mind, which means we are strengthened by the "source" of all things.  The thing we have to understand is the universe already contains everything we need.

When I say,  Finesse the Universe, I mean you do a combination of things in unison to use the laws of nature in your favor.

The Law of Asking Nicely

For example, if you want something from someone, your chances of getting it are better if you ask nicely.  That particular knowledge is common sense, wisdom and a law of nature. It's a truth that is universal.  It's true because cause and effect say so.

That knowledge is just common sense and natural law. It's often stated as 'You get more flies with honey than vinegar.'

The Law of Trade

Another example is trading something.  If you know what the other person would like and you come in trade with something of worth to the other person, there's a better chance you will get what you desire. This is often stated as "You gotta give something to get something." This is how you use your understanding of universal law to finesse the universe.

The Laws of the Universe are infinite.  This is why All things are possible. We just have to know what laws are at play in what we desire to do.

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