You Can’t Be What You Don’t Do [Re-visited]

I wrote this Instagram post a couple of years ago about what I realize now was about doing what you see yourself being. I often thought about it and decided I should revisit the idea. You can only see yourself being and doing something in particular through your forward conscious vision of yourself. This vision of yourself is your higher good or your elevation consciousness. Plain and simple it’s your desire vision. It’s what you desire to be or to cause. I desire to use my mind/consciousness to help myself and others learn to have life more abundantly. By my mind/consciousness, I also mean my understanding of life/the universal supreme creative force/God.

On this Elevation/God-conscious journey I have learned that thought comes before action, if even only by a fraction of time that we can’t measure. Nothing comes before thought and the Instagram post above is missing the most important aspect.

What is the ‘GetRight’?

The most important aspect is a elevation consciousness which is a combination of principles that I call the GetRight. Your GetRight is a mix of desire, belief, and faith executed through the energy and intelligence that is purely and entirely provided by the universal supreme creative force/God. Your GetRight is provided to you through God as you, but is personalized by you. It’s the desire vision of your mind. It’s the good you see yourself enjoying. It’s the good life you imagine yourself having.

Through the intelligence inherited by as children of the universal supreme creative force, we go after our GetRight. It is an evolutionary journey that we make adjustments to as we grow. As we achieve some of our goals or gain wisdom and let go of some desires, our GetRight evolves as our consciousness evolves.

You Can’t Be What you Don’t Have in Consciousness

No matter what, the important thing to remember is that your consciousness is the only thing that is expressed. This means your body of thoughts (consciousness) is expressed as your life. In order to achieve your GetRight, your consciousness has to match the desire-vision. If you are not living your GetRight it is because your consciousness is not right or reflecting it. That means you have to GetRight in your mind. ALL ideas that don’t lead to or reflect your Getright have to be removed from your consciousness. This is why I dubbed the mental journey we are on as ‘The GetRight Movement’.

By Bodybyloud! Vint

Hello, I AM Vincent Harris aka Bodybyloud! Vint, the founder of The GetRight Movement. I just want to help others with having a better life. I believe it begins with correcting the way we think. I like to debate.

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