What is the Truth about “The Kingdom of Heaven”

The Kingdom of Heaven is a Consciousness of ONLY Good.

As a metaphilosopher and conscious elevation scientist, I often realize the truth of what ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’ means when I think of what the universal supreme creative force is.  The universal supreme creative force is conscious spirit.  This consciousness expresses life accordingly.  Heaven, by it’s objectively and subjectively “good” qualitative state, has to be the best manifestation that spirit can express in consciousness.  Heaven is the highest quality consciousness the universal supreme creative mind can achieve, as far as I’m concerned.   To express joy, peace, and love through all forms of life, at the same time, is heaven or Eden.  Imagine life with nobody bitching, is that not heaven?  The first place to start is to stop the bitching in me.  Change the polarity and quality of the ideas I maintain in my mind. The conscious focused change must be from complaining to praise and celebration.  This praise/celebrate consciousness causes the opposite effect in life expression as opposed to the complaint consciousness.  One is heaven consciousness while the other is the opposite. I can’t create heaven with the consciousness of misery.

Intelligence’s primary purpose and function is to make life more enjoyable.

Intelligence's primary purpose and function is to make life more enjoyable.
Intelligences primary purpose and function are to make life more enjoyable


Spirit is all intelligence.  Intelligence’s primary purpose and function is to make life more enjoyable, this means LIFE as heaven is the universal supreme creative force’s highest goal. (This statement is true until it is revealed to me otherwise).   I think the heaven consciousness that God is trying to achieve through us, as us, is the coolest meaning of Life.  The Kingdom of Heaven is the consciousness of the best of all things at the same time.  To express this truth, all of life has to be conscious of the truth that ALL is Good.  Life is the journey of finding this truth. HOWEVER, in order to maintain Heaven, you have to be conscious of ONLY this truth…, FOREVER.  For the individual, this truth is expressed as I’m Good. The moment we leave this consciousness as our personal truth, heaven, as an expression in truth, is lost.

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By Bodybyloud! Vint

Hello, I AM Vincent Harris aka Bodybyloud! Vint, the founder of The GetRight Movement. I just want to help others with having a better life. I believe it begins with correcting the way we think. I like to debate.

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