Africa Links, from Graftcity Pictures, takes us on an Intimate Educational Adventure to Africa

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Africa Links

AFRICA LINKS: Is an adventure into distant and remote areas of Africa, showing from Ghana the production of bambara beans, groundnuts also called peanuts, cotton, music & sounds of the Sissila people and the production of shea butter cream & its benefits. Africa links seek to project Africa to the world by showcasing its landscape, people, food, music, festivals,
resources and lifestyle from all African countries. It is also to attract Tourists from all over the world to Ghana and its neighboring countries for economic and socio-cultural growth. (YouTube)

Graftcity Pictures

I really enjoy finding content like this.  I enjoyed the show and truly wish that the producers, Graftcity Pictures, continue the series.  We already know we have to support content that we enjoy in order to make sure we can have it in our lives.  Visit Graftcity Pictures on YouTube and let them know you enjoyed the show.  Not only did Africa Links and host, Andy Tettey, educate me on life in remote regions of Africa but they introduced me to local talent like Sona Jobarteh and Wiyaala.

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