There is Only God, The Universal Supreme Creative Force/Consciousness

Truth needs no proof

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  The shortest distance between not knowing and knowing is recognizing the truth.

'There is Only God', is the foundational truth and premise of The GetRight Movement.

The universal supreme creative mind/force's only begotten Son is Life.

To prove this premise I have chosen to just spit the truth.  The only way I can do this is to build on truth and show how this premise falls in line with the truth.  ‘There is only God’ is the foundatinal truth and premise of The GetRight Movement because all thoughts, theories, principles, conjecture and ideas are based and built on this truth and premise.  This blog, The Book of Loud, primary mission is to express why this truth is important and to develop a consciousness that makes use of the knowledge and power this truth establishes, now and forever.  The consciousness developed through recognition of this truth is called God-Consciousness.

Explained: The Truth of Why God Exist, Part 1

I guess the first thing I have to do is prove God exist in order for the premise to be on solid ground.  It sounds like a daunting task but for some reason I think I was made for this job.  I always knew I thought differently than others.  From and early age, things had to make sense to me before I can accept them a true.  There is peace in truth. If it don’t make sense then how can it be truth.  Before it can be considered truth it has to make sense. Something bugs me when it doesn’t make sense.

I was raised in a very religious family and had to go to church and listen to what people told me was true, just because it was written in a book.  But they never told me HOW something was true.  To this day. I feel if you can’t tell someone how something is true then you shouldn’t be telling them that something is true.

I began early on trying to make sense of the sermons I heard from the pulpit.  It was easy at first to understand some things.  I could get that there was a God.  If there is order then it has to come from a mind of order.  It didn’t make sense that God had a chosen people because a part of me, even back then, knew everything had to be made of God.

I’m prone to simple, line-of-thought, thinking.  It means, if this idea is true then this next idea is likely true due to it’s relation to the founding idea.  So if I start with the idea of existence and ask why do we exist?  The first obvious answer is because something desired to bring us into existence.  Why is this true? This is true because desire is the cause behind all movement.  Why is this true?   Because movement requires the ability to move combined with the desire and thought, as to why, to move.  The decision to move implicitly includes it’s own reason or desire to move.  The reason and the nature of movement is defined by the desire.  Getting up and walking to a refrigerator has its action made of the desire to get something from the refrigerator.  The movement is made out of the desire for something to eat.  We exist because there was a desire to make us.

What does all that have to do with God?

If you are going to answer the question, ‘Does God exist?’  You have to begin with truth and build on that truth and let the truth be the proof.  If the truth is the proof then the premise is on solid ground.  So what is the truth that says God exists. 
  1. Existence is the First Truth. The first truth to build on is the fact that we are here.  Many will hate that I start with this truth but existence is the first thing to know and understand about ourselves.  Our consciousness or awareness is primary to knowing anything else about who we are and what we are of. It’s first because it is most obvious.  If you don’t know you exist you won’t be able to grasp anything else that I have to say.  Existing is something that has to be.  Not being is impossible.  To not be, you would have to go from being to not being.  If we could go from being to not being then our being would have to disappear.  This means go from something to nothing.  Now we all know matter cannot disappear.  Matter cannot be destroyed.  It can only change states.  I think this is the law of matter.  This law implicitly says ‘What is, always was.’  This means there was never a time when there was nothing. There might have been a Big Bang but there was always something to bang.  It’s now time to say this because the truth is, “You can’t get something from nothing”  
  2. Movement is the Second Truth The second truth to build on is movement.  Why is movement important to the proof of God existence?  Movement implicitly requires the ability to move and the volition to move.  You have to have the ability to move before you can move.  This means you command power of self. If something moves we know that a force acted upon it.  If a basketball goes into a goal we implicitly know that a force acted on the ball and that force desired to move the ball.  Force and volition is implicit in all controlled movement.  To move with volition means to move knowing what you are moving for.  Volition implies your movement has a purpose or reason. This purpose or reason is of the desire of the mover.  All controlled movement is backed by desire and volition of the mover.
  3. Creative Movement requires thought and decision. The third and most important truth to build on is the truth that creative movement requires thought and decision.  Thought and decision are implicit in creative movement.  Before there is any purposeful movement there is a decision/thought about whether or not to move and then a decision/thought about which way to move.  Thought and decision is behind the creation of everything.  This thought and decision truth implies and requires consciousness.  This thought and decision requirement of creative movement implicitly means consciousness is behind creation.  Direction is a component of creative movement and requires thought and decision.  If you drive a car from New York to the Miami consciousness is required the whole way because of the decisions you have to make.  This means consciousness is behind all constructive movement.
  4. Everything is of Consciousness. The fourth truth we derive from the aforementioned truths.  Consciousness is behind everything there is, was, and ever will be.  Implicitly this mean thought, choice and decision are of consciousness.This consciousness is the force behind, and the substance of everything.  This means that we are of the consciousness that makes everything and the consciousness is made of us.  We are the expression of the consciousness.  We live through the supreme universal creative force/mind/consciousness and  the supreme universal creative force/mind/consciousness lives through us.  This leads to the conclusion.  A conclusion that at this point is merely a clarifying of a definition.  This definition is to the word, God. How do we define God?

By Bodybyloud! Vint

Hello, I AM Vincent Harris aka Bodybyloud! Vint, the founder of The GetRight Movement. I just want to help others with having a better life. I believe it begins with correcting the way we think. I like to debate.

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