Confidence is a must if you desire to make something of yourself. Your consciousness must express surety in self. They call. it swag, short for swagger, these days. Vice and Jason Derulo display this confidence in "Make Up" featuring Ava Max. Fun is what life and pop music are all about. The artists made sure to make this video about fun. This is why I made room on #DatGetRightMusic for this track. We should make life about fun. Rev. Ike says, " What we focus on, we give power to. Keep fun in your life and give power to that idea. The more focus on fun the more powerful it becomes in our life. How much fun can you take in your life.


Lucky Daye "Roll Some Mo" is a solid groove I was pleased to add to #DatGetRightMusic playlist. @iamluckydaye has a bright future in music and we look forward to seeing it blossom.

By now everyone should know I'm quite behind on posting songs from the playlist here in The GetRight Spot! This song is not new anymore but maybe it's new-to-you, and that what counts most. I do these post to spread the word about music I like. The good thing is, since I've begun, I've run across more good music than I can post on in a short amount of time. I'm gonna crank these post out more often but don't expect a long drawn out detailed post about the artist. These post will have an evolving life similar to man, it will grow as we grow, over time.



Womack & Womack - "Baby I'm Scared of You"

From their 1983 album, Love Wars is a song by the R&B/Soul duo, Womack and Womack, later going by the names, Zeriiya and Zekkariyas. The married duo had a story and history that always intrigued me.  Running across this song gave me a chance to explore it and relay it to other interested minds.  Take the story without judgment on the participants and players.  I don't relay this so people can point fingers.  I relay it because it's life and the art of music, which we love, comes from it.  Do you think Bobby Womack's "I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much" could have been made without there being a story behind it?  Judge not, lest ye be judged.  I'm glad for the music.  The legacy continues through the Womack Sisters.  I discovered them in making this post, so blessings on blessings abound.

Consciousness creates art which comes from the mind of someone experiencing life in a distinctive way.

The Womack Sisters on Black Hollywood Live: The Beat

These ladies continue to give us what the Womacks, as a musical family, have always blessed us with...amazing soulful, gritty, groove-filled music.  They definitely are carrying on the family musical legacy.  I look forward to all the music coming from them in the future.

Check out the other artist featured on the show:


I'm starting this R&B/Soul moment post series just to give some shine to music that may have been missed by many.  We all can use a little help exploring the world of music.  So much has come and been overshadowed.  We are all the collective consciousness of the one that never forgets anything.  As individualized embodiments of the one, we have to come together to recall all that has been.

"Baby I'm Scared of You" by Womack & Womack was covered by Leela James in 2009.  Which version do you like the most?



The world will forever have its share of issues or problems if we choose to see life in those terms. I've grown to the understanding that life is as you believe it is. That means, for me, all is right with the world. However, if you see flaws in the system called life then it is upon you to understand and do your part to fix them.

The state of self-forgiveness is the state of self-love.

First and foremost, the only part of the problem you can possibly fix is the part of the problem you contribute to.  In other words, you gotta work on the issues you bring to the collective consciousness.  Self-work is the first work.

However, instead of beating yourself down about your faults, how about forgiving yourself right from the start.  Love yourself from this point on by forgiving yourself for everything in the past, present, and future.  Self-forgiveness is self-love. By remaining in this state forever you'll be doing all you can do to better the world.

Self-forgiveness/self-love frees you to forgive everyone else for their faults.  This is because you'll spend so much energy being positively self-conscious you won't have time to judge and criticize others. Whenever you think negatively of others you'll have an occasion to forgive yourself. If you are consciously aware, eventually, you'll see the futility of being judgemental.  This is what I mean by conscious elevation.

From this state, you've eliminated the problem and you have initiated the solution at the same time. This solution is a complete answer to the problem.  It's called LOVE and it starts with SELF.

Automatically forgiving others is called LOVING THY NEIGHBOR.

The Master Jesus said we should "Love thy neighbor as thy self". This means forgiving them as we forgive ourselves past, present, and future.

The ONLY complete answer to any of earth's issues or problems is LOVE. Love is the peace giver in all situations. Love is the harmonizer in all situations. Love is the beautifier in all situations. It can turn an ugly situation into a beautiful one. This is the reason we say, "If love ain't in the solution, then it ain't a solution.

Shout out to DJ Oji who says "If Everybody gives love, everybody gets love."

If everybody gives love, everybody gets love. DJ Oji


SeanDav: A songwriter and multigenre musician from Lagos, Nigeria releases the track “Baby Yen” featuring Mofyjoey.

If LOVE ain’t in the solution, then it ain’t a solution. ~Bodybyloud! #loudtalk #GetRightQuote

The world will forever have its share of issues or problems if we choose to life in that manner. I’ve grown to the understanding that life is as you say it is. That means, for me, all is right with the world. However, if you see flaws in the system called life then it is upon you to understand and do your part to fix them. From this position, once you define the “problem” then you have to summarize a “solution”. This solution must be a complete answer to the problem or you’re just wasting your time and energy.

The ONLY complete answer to any of earth’s issues or problems is LOVE. Love is the peace giver in all situations. Love is the harmonizer in all situations. Love is the beautifier in all situations. It can turn an ugly situation into a beautiful one. This is reason we say, “If love ain’t in the solution, then it ain’t a solution.


Africa Links

AFRICA LINKS: Is an adventure into distant and remote areas of Africa, showing from Ghana the production of bambara beans, groundnuts also called peanuts, cotton, music & sounds of the Sissila people and the production of shea butter cream & its benefits. Africa links seek to project Africa to the world by showcasing its landscape, people, food, music, festivals,
resources and lifestyle from all African countries. It is also to attract Tourists from all over the world to Ghana and its neighboring countries for economic and socio-cultural growth. (YouTube)

Graftcity Pictures

I really enjoy finding content like this.  I enjoyed the show and truly wish that the producers, Graftcity Pictures, continue the series.  We already know we have to support content that we enjoy in order to make sure we can have it in our lives.  Visit Graftcity Pictures on YouTube and let them know you enjoyed the show.  Not only did Africa Links and host, Andy Tettey, educate me on life in remote regions of Africa but they introduced me to local talent like Sona Jobarteh and Wiyaala.


Slice World [Featured Artist]

Slice World says "There is life and I give it soundtracks."

Elevate Yourself. That's the Only Way it's Going to Happen.

You didn't have a choice in the circumstances you were born into. Your spirit chose your body with the full understanding and knowledge that the supreme creative mind has.  Thus, your spirit chose you. It chose your being to experience life through.  With your thinking and actions, you decide what the experience your spirit has and what your life is. Your thinking, beliefs, and actions got you where you are today.

How the ghetto is created and maintained.

#Loudtalk: The realist explanation to how a ghetto is created is the people LIVE themselves into a ghetto.  The only way to elevate out of it is to LIVE it out as a collective community. No matter where the ghetto is on the planet.  Think, believe and act your way out of the life that was collectively created.

The saying goes "You can take the person out the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out the person."  That's because the ghetto is in how you think. Each individual has to do their individual work on themselves to change the part of the environment they have control over. Your life is under your thought control but it contributes to the environment with how you act within the environment. What makes ghetto is the collective consciousness of acceptable conditions and behaviors.

If the way you think, believe and act creates your life then the way a group of people thinks, believes and acts will create the environment of that group. This is common sense. Acceptance is an action when it comes to the environment.   For example:  When thieves and murderers continue to walk around the community because no one wants to snitch, then thieves and murders are acceptable in the community.  The effect is in the cause and the cause is in the effect.


The effect is in the cause and the cause is in the effect. #getrightquote

Ceore [Featured Artist]

Ceore is a young teenage Nigerian artist who brings exceptional music to the table. He aspires to become a big Nigerian artist and says the love he has for music cannot be compared to any other artist.


People have less of a problem with the truth, it’s honesty (the combination of truth with who it’s coming from) that is usually the issue.



Andy Kelly and Young Face [Featured Artist]

These two artists from Nigeria’s Benue State want you to listen to their song, “No Judge Me” and rate it.  Rate this track here on this post and in the New Music Elevation group here on Bodybyloud! 

The universe has plenty of good music all around us, it’s just a matter of bringing it into our lives.  I figure, if we show love for what we like and ask others to do the same, all we have to do is align ourselves with people who like similar things and we’ll find more of the things we’re looking for as individuals.  Just makes sense to me,  If you want something from the universe, your chances of getting it are better if you put that same thing out to the universe, like kindness.  One of my takes on the Law of Attraction is: The universe projects back to you what you project out into it. Express love and more often than not, love is gonna be expressed back to you.


Boochie Levi [Featured Artist]

Boochie Levi is know spitting random punchlines with juice. All kinds of flavors. Check him out!

Only a real "head" can consistently show another real head what's up.  That's the truth no matter what the genre of music is.  I try to find music through people who seem to know and love that particular genre of music the way I do...REAL HEADS.  These people put me down on what's good.

I need people like these in my life, if not I'll have to go out and find it myself.  This task is not so easy.  I grew up in the '70s and '80s.  That means I'm spoiled when it comes to funk, soul, disco, reggae, r&b, and rock. It's difficult to find music in those genres today that comes close to the music from back then - quality wise. Where is the music today, that makes you feel the way the music from those eras made you feel?  Where is the disco, funk, hip-hop, reggae, r&b, rock and soul that is a continuation of the best of the early stuff?  I find it from time to time.  It's out there.  I need help from, REAL HEADS to find it.  Each one, hippin' one.  The best way to get it to come to us is to look for it, for each other.

I do it through #DatGetRIghtMusic playlist.  I find the best new music I can find and add it to that playlist.  Check it out and see for yourself.


MikeE [Featured Artist]

Up and coming artist from Stockton CA. MikeE brings the heart the real with him in his music very talented and versatile.

We all want to be surrounded by; good music, interesting people, places and ideas, and something that makes us laugh.  That is what Bodybyloud! is made of.
Good music is a subjective idea, as we all know.  Everyone knows what they like, but we don't all agree on what's good.  I say get with people who agree on the music they like and build a community based on likes  All just by sharing tracks and videos that we love in particular.  Find out who likes what you like and get to know them, you just might have more in common.

Maupheen: “I just want to make the world dance.”

Since that’s pretty much all, Maupheen, had to say about himself and his music, I figured I’d add some copy to this post. Helping people get exposure is what I do here at Bodybyloud! I decided to add some music from Nigeria, in the form of a playlist by havokk101. Connecting the world through music is something we are also doing. Take the time the explore what the rest of the world has to offer musically. Check out the artist on the playlist below and repost in the comments section the tracks you feel deserve extra attention. This is what Music Elevation is all about.


Kazzy Kam [Featured Artist]

Kameron Brice, aka Kazzy Kam, is a young artist out of Baltimore Maryland. His rap style is not like any other.  He uses different archetypes. A singer who can rap, he can also put a little R&B into everything.  “I first started rapping a year ago and I found the love for rap and hip-hop which made me a better person.  I want to express my talent all over the world for people to really realize what I can become.”


Tacoma, WA based recording artist/producer TK Green, bringing you some true Northwest hip hop.

For over 20 years now, TK Green has been working hard at perfecting his craft in music. As a producer, artist, entertainer, and performer, TK Green has been developing his own sound, style, and ideas. At age 12, he wrote his first lyrics which was a rendering of the ‘Fresh Prince of Belair’ theme song to the story of the book ‘Frog and Toad: All Year’, for which he called the ‘Frog Prince of Belair’ and performed for his class. It was at this time he decided that writing music would be his legacy. With a magnetic presence, style and swagger unlike others around him, he was always able to attract and draw a crowd. By age 14 he had written a handful of songs and was performing at school dances and parties. At age 15 started getting into trouble and found himself in over his head in legal issues. A lifestyle that would last until he was well into his 20’s. At age 19 was charged with a felony which would limit his ability to travel outside the United States. Only one year later, joined Tacoma, WA based metal band SEVERUS as their sampler and backing vocalist. The band thrived for many years until eventually disbanding due to differences between members. During the same time recorded songs with bandmates, Damien (Lektor), and Marcus (Henchmen), for Damien’s ‘Lektor – The Terror of Tacoma’ album, though, at the time, was recording under the stage name Forensick. During the few years to come TK Green recorded two albums under the name Forensick: ‘The Forensick Files’ and ‘Northwest Murder’. Some of TK Green’s current roster of songs are reprise versions of the key songs from those two albums. And though he changed his name from Forensick to TK Green, a much more realistic and fitting name, he kept his original name’s legacy continuing with his tech metal hip hop project Forensick Musick. Think of them as the light and dark sides of TK Green. Today, he focuses mostly on raising his children and maintain his family life but continues to surprise his fans with new material as often as possible. Will he be the next big star? Realistically, probably not. But that will never stop TK Green from continuing to pour his heart and soul into making music for his friends, fans, and supporters!
Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds, directed by Daniel Schmidt, is a special interest feature on Amazon prime video I checked out recently, about the universal vibrational field that connects everything. I’ve been looking for works like this because it scientifically expresses, in a modern way, ideas that I heard about in my related studies. We all are drawn to ideas that support what we believe. Call it confirmation bias all you want but if your beliefs are confirmed in any way you feel blessed. The video made me feel I’m on the right track.

On the right track about what you might say? On the right track about our minds creating our circumstances and thus contributing to the overall collective circumstances apparent in the world. Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds examines in a historical and scientific manner the relationship between what we believe consciously and life itself. This all connecting vibrational field that the video examines is believed to be regulated by the consciousness man holds in his mind.

This idea rings true to me because of my interest in the works of Thomas Troward. This master thinker, through his books and lectures he presented over a hundred ago, clearly describes what the presenters of Inner World, Outer Worlds postulate. In other words, Troward was laying down the metaphysical facts of the “who”, “how” and even the “why” of the universal supreme creative force. This movie showed me that the quantum physicians of today are primarily focused on the “what”

The Vibrational field is Spirit

In this post I want to get a conversation started, with like minds, about what the ideas presented in Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds means to you. The first clarification I would like to bring awareness to is this: The vibrational field they refer to in the movie is Spirit. Spirit, according to the Honourable Judge Troward in The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science, is the essence of all existence.

I don’t know if there is a resistance to referring to the energy, vibration, matter, and intelligence of the universe as spirit or if no one of note has made the connection. Everything is of Spirit. Spirit is what gives everything it’s energy, movement, intelligence and most importantly, LIFE.


K'Shawn [Featured Artist]

K'Shawn is an artist of all genres. He can get you on your feet and feeling good and he can also make you think about life through his deep and emotional sympathetic songs. He's a singer as well as a rapper and lyricist. Truly a jack of all trades!


Chenoah [Featured Artist]

Humbled beginnings… Chenoah started piano lessons at the age of ten. Joined a band at age twelve, called ‘Stage Frite’. Appropriately named due to the band’s first recital appearance, in which the band’s lead singer and guitarist, froze, at their first attempt at a public performance, and the remaining band members were left to finish off a flawless instrumental performance.

‘Stage Frite’ overcame their fears and went on to win First place at Battle of the Bands at Kiwanis in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Chenoah was self-taught guitar, vocals, and recording production. Songbird since birth!


When it comes to music these days, I usually just follow the music and pay less attention to the artist.  I'll have to say since I was made aware of Leven Kali I've made an exception to the rule.  I plan to keep track of this young artist.

"Thursday", was a track that popped up during my new music listening session and it fit nicely into #DatGetRightMusic playlists.  It has the cool feel and groove that peaks my ear.  The theme is simple, which makes for the best R&B to me.  However, when I found heard "Sumwrong" and realized it was by the same artist I had to say hold up, I should take note of this cat.  They both will have you repeating a certain part in your head and singing out loud when it gets to that "spot".

"Sumwrong", has that soul that's hard to find for some reason.  I'm old-school so I like when I hear some real "soul-sangin".  That's the joint right there.

I had to add "Do U Wrong" ft. Syd after listening to more tracks by Mr. Kali.  Now that's three #Loudjoints on the playlist.

From Spotify:
Songwriter/singer/producer Leven Kali was born in Holland to a musical family and raised in Santa Monica, California.
Just out of his teens, the artist began making a name for himself with some high-profile collaborations, including features on tracks by Drake and Playboi Carti in 2017. He followed these shortly with solo tracks, including the futuristic R&B single "Yours" in June of 2017 and "Do You Wrong" in early 2018, which featured former Odd Future affiliate Syd. ~ Peenie Slawson, Rovi

Lucis is a new artist out of D.C His EP coming out May 10th is titled “A Moment Of Glory”.  Check out his SoundCloud below. Inspired by Mac Miller, Post Malone, Lil Durk, Lucid is looking for artists to feature on my EP.


Delta [Featured Artist]

Canaan Thompson, aka 'Delta', is a rising and aspiring artist coming out from Stephens City, Virginia. A passionate and dedicated musician with a big heart, Delta loves the art of music production and musical engineering. Delta has been creating music for 6 years now and has only progressed his passion and knowledge for his craft. From producing electronic compositions and bangers to hard-hitting, bass-driven rap beats, to even testing waters with genres he's never experimented with before, Delta is always willing to try and put tons of effort into his works. Delta has worked with many other local artists such as $utle, St. Bucci, Delxntae, Durty Dex, and many more, he's extremely happy to work with his local musicians and help them as much as possible. A new generation of music is being born, and Delta is apart of it.


“Hippie Radio” by Eric Church is #DatGetRightMusic because…

Country music expresses life, unlike any other music. The way, Eric Church is able to sweetly express growing up listening to “Hippie Radio”, as he calls it, with his father, is uniquely a country and folk music thing. Other genres don’t seem to have the same freedom of expression. A rapper or rock musician would be said to be on a detour of fusion or experimentation if they attempted to slow it down and let go of the bravado and attitude. This is why I mix several different genres on #DatGetRightMusic playlist. You don’t get certain forms of expression from some genres and there’s good music in all genres.


H3ATMiSER [Featured Artist]

H3ATM!SER is an American rapper/songwriter “High-C” being his first single he only has two single on his page for now which will have more coming soon and in the future. Follow, Stream, Share.

Since I’m doing this post for free and several artists seem to think just a few words about themselves is enough to get the job done, I’ll use this space to talk my talk.  Besides, Google really doesn’t like short posts with little written content. This is why I give plenty of space on the Featured Artist form to input a biography of the artist.  These artists are new to me and I give them exactly what they give me. I will eventually listen to music to see what I like but for now, I’m primarily knocking out the post.

The overall goal is to give the artist a place to present as much of their content as possible combined with a comment area for future fans.  In time, I’m sure the artists will realize a good post needs more bio information.  Share this post on the social media platform they use and tell them you want to know more, on the post.   Or, write a post in the comment area for the artist relating how their music affected you.  I may use it up here instead of this public announcement, lol.


Check out Baton Rouge artist TRU-G with his new single "This Ain't What You Want" #TALIENTERTAINMENT


Jimmi EZz: [Featured Artist]

If you ask him, he is just a natural vibe. A very humble young 27yr old Philadelphia native, that is developing into a great music artist with a very passionate master plan to show his love for music to the world! He was born in a county outside of Baltimore, Maryland, but originally is from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. He has lived up and down the mid and northern parts of the East Coast such as DC, Maryland, VA, Delaware, but mostly Philadelphia. His 1st single was dropped on Dec. 5, 2018, titled "Survival". "Survival", has set a great tone for his career already. As far as who he is in person tho, Jimmi EZz, is a simple and natural person that loves making music that the people enjoy listening to. Nothing more to say but this kid is on his way to great success in his career👌💃🕺🎙️🎶🎵🎼🎧🎤🎷🎸📯🎹🎺🎻🥁


"Pizzazz" by Yung Gravy is #DatGetRightMusic

In hip-hop, you have to be cocky in numerous ways.  It seems like bragging is and forever will be an important aspect of it.  I can only stand so much of it myself but because I'm an older head, I realize hip-hop came with braggadocios-ness.  The reason I like "Pizzazz" by Yung Gravy is because of the unique background music and the tongue-in-cheek video.   I almost left it off the #DatGetRightMusic playlist however the way the artist doesn't take himself to seriously pushed it over the top.  To me,  it makes a bit of fun of how rappers portray their lifestyle in videos.  I don't know if Yung Gravy had that intention but that appears to be the case.  This is pop/hip-hop music I can deal with.  It's light, humorous and fun.  That's why it gets the nod.