The Metaphysical Truth about Adam and Eve (Part 1)

From Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning by The Honorable Judge Thomas Troward

Part 1: The Essential Truth about God

The Bible shares metaphysical truth about the relationship between spirit and matter/expression. This is what metaphysics relates to, how spirit affects matter. Spirit and matter are one however of a cause and effect relationship. Matter, is the physical expression of conscious spirit.
The unseen force that energizes and expresses all subatomic particles is Spirit. Metaphysics is about understanding the cause and effect relationship of consciousness and expression and how it relates to man and life. Man, like everything else, is a conscious expression of the unseen force, the universal supreme creative force, or God.
Before you can understand the allegory of Adam And Eve you must understand the true nature of the universal supreme creative force.  There’s no need to try and break down this metaphysical teaching before people have an understanding of the force behind it. Everything works through, by, and as the universal supreme creative force/mind. This is the most important thing to understand. Once we understand this, the allegory of Adam and Eve can be better understood.
Here, Emmet Fox breaks down the aspects of God that are essential to understanding mental science.  When we talk about the universal supreme creative force we are referring to the mover of all the atoms and subatomic particles.  The force behind all creation and expression is this source/force/consciousness. Once we understand the truth about the universal supreme conscious creative force/spirit we can understand life from a basis of truth. Then we can go on to examine how the Bible is consistent or inconsistent with this truth.  If the Bible, or any other form of communication, is consistent with the truth about the universal supreme creative force, it will be easy to discern through examination.  The only thing to examine is what is expressed.
Genesis, the first book of the Bible, tells us quite a few things relating to the beginning of time.  I say the beginning of time because there was no time before Spirit, the universal supreme creative force, differentiated itself into expressed matter giving us the time-space dimensions.  Before the current epoch of expression, there was no time or space.  God as all the potential of the universe was the unconditioned conscious spirit.  For an understanding of Spirit, I suggest The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward.

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