The Cardiff Brothers

Hailing from Warwick, Rhode Island biological brothers John and Jake Cardiff have made a name for themselves creating a unique blend of pop and hip-hop music. With a diverse ability to attack tracks with elements from many different genres.

The Cardiff Brothers have built a growing fan base from all over the world. Their debut Album, All From Home, climbed the iTunes charts to #28, cementing The Cardiff Brothers as some of the top up-and-comers in pop/hip-hop music. Look for this duo to make lots of noise in the future.

Find all of their music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, and more. Or visit

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Live the Ideal Which is Love.

I had a little something to say about the Kanye West debate this past week, so I recorded my mentality on my ride to work.  A friend and I were discussing Mr. West on the "books" and I believe I had some poignant thoughts on the matter so I decided to include the FB post in the post.  Hope my buddy don't mind.  Our discussion led me to the idea that we should all, Live the Ideal Which is Love.

I guess we can call this voice memo my first installment of Loudtalk from the Getright Spot! Podcast.  Listen and tell me what you think in the comments.

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Dig's  Bio

I go by the name “Dig” from the Eastside of Pittsburgh. The name was given to me by my brother from another mother. I started rapping at the age of 18.  Clout to the rapper Tupac Shakur. Growing up in Eastside Pittsburgh I experience the harsh reality of drugs, violence, and everyday struggle. These real-life issues strengthened my passion as an artist to continue to write songs about things that aren’t seen in the public eye. I want my music to be a positive voice for people that are living in the environment that I’ve grown up in. I also want my music to be relatable to my listeners and contain substance. Which lead me to write my First hit “I’m in the game” that was featured on Bkwradio and also Miami Paradise radio. Followed by some of my newer songs LA story and Volvo classy.

I am currently working on pushing my music video for my new song "Legacy".I’m constantly in the studio recording, keeping my mind fresh and focus on my next hit. In addition to my music, I'm working on my clothing line. I currently have T-shirts and sweatshirts that support my moment and music. However, I must say my four kids are my biggest motivations. I want them to look at their father “Dig” as a voice for others through music and a positive influence on their generations to come. Ya Dig me!

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Potatohead People - Morning Sun ft. Nanna B.

After their incredibly well-received debut 'Big Luxury' back in 2015, and production credits on Illa J's critically acclaimed self-titled LP, Vancouver duo Potatohead People (aka Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical) went quiet for 3 years...leaving a legion of worldwide fans puzzled & hungry for new music.

We're happy to announce that the wait is finally over, and the first official single from their upcoming album 'Nick & Astro's Guide To The Galaxy' is finally here.

"Morning Sun" featuring Danish vocalist Nanna B (Anderson. Paak, Mndsgn) is in part a melancholy piece with knocking drums, an infectious bassline, and a soulful, shimmering hook.

'Nick & Astro's Guide To The Galaxy' is out worldwide on May 11th.

Potatohead People

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kevin-anthony 300x300

DJ Kevin Anthony Presents A Soulful House Experience

DJing since the mid 80’s at local colleges in Baltimore. Kevin grew a passion for House while the genre was still evolving out of its Disco age. Listening to DJ’s from New York, Chicago and Baltimore-House music became what he loved most. Music is his passion; it’s been a part of him all his life. Trained in music theory and a musician his ear is what drives him with smooth transitions and a style of his own…Cool Sounds A Soulful House Experience.

Check out DJ Kevin Anthony on Mixcloud, Pressure Radio, or you can stay right here on Bodybyloud! and discuss his latest mix in the comments below.

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DJ Kevin Anthony

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DJ GlibStylez

Current Favorite Mix by DJ GlibStylez


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DJ GlibStylez

DJ GlibStylez

Check out DJ GlibStylez on Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Hearthis, or you can stay right here on Bodybyloud! and discuss his latest mix in the comments below.

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At the inception of a particular genre of music, the originators or pioneers, generally make use of ideas and concepts which have come before.

Nowhere is this truer than in the case of Hip Hop... It is well known that early Hip Hop derived its core sound by incorporating elements of Disco, Soul, Rock, Jazz & Funk... I think it could safely be said that Hip Hop was inspired by these...

That is, until the arrival of artist like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, Rza & MF DOOM... These particular artists took the formula and flipped it. They set out to make Soul, Rock, Jazz & Funk that was inspired by Hip Hop.

I too decided to take this approach with the soundtrack to my first feature-length film... It's entitled "THE ILLAMENTALS...Acts I, II, III". The film, "M.J. McCoy's...LEAN".

I've coined the phrase "Sonic Cinema" to explain the concept, in that, the composition's sonically relate the meaning & emotionality of the story.

It's a playfully funky little piece of work that's just dripping with soul.

I share this in an effort to raise awareness of the project as a whole and to demonstrate its merits...So if you can dig... then dig it by showing your support, visit the page, "Like, Follow & Share"..better still... Hit the link & buy it for $1... assist me in accomplishing what some say & believe can't be done.

-Lord Illest

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Kyle Kim and Sheree Hick - Never Alone
Soulstice Music

Soulstice Music

Soulstice Music is a Soulful House music label co-founded by Gerardo Smedile, one of the owners and art-director of Circle Club Milano.  The other co-founder is Mark Di Meo, a producer with more than 10 years in the music business. Being involved in this industry for so long, Mark has the expertise and knowledge of what the crowd wants to hear.

Soulstice Music strives to provide high-quality music, showcasing amazing producers, singers, and artists that share our love for real Soulful and Jazzy House Music. They believe that music changes people, and want to give the world a taste of the real sounds that move us.
Aiming to be one of the bests soulful labels in the music industry, they provide tasteful music from all the best producers in this business.

Are you a House-head, or discovered a love of house music? Join Deep Soulful House Music Elevation  Let's Cultivate and Elevate Good House music! #deepsoulfulhousemusicelevation #cultivatinggoodhousemusic

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MC Lyte

MC Lyte is Top 15 Greatest Emcee of All Time

Where she ranks is a matter of opinion, of course.  She's one of my favorites and this is where she ranks to me.  I won't get into who she's above or below.  Notice I didn't say, female emcee, because there's no reason to separate male and female emcees.  They both do the same work and that's rock the crowd if they're good.

MC Lyte is exceptional at rocking the party that rocks the body.  She is what hip-hop is all about.  Battle rhymes are cool but moving the crowd is what it will always be about to me.

The MC Lyte Hip-Hop joints playlist is her claim to fame and G.O.A.T. status.  Let me know if I missed an essential track in the comments below.

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Lisa Nichols on Rescuing Yourself, Overcoming Fear, and Finding Success By Serving Others

Lisa Nichols, best selling author and transformation coach sharing nuggets on the process of success and a season of separation so that you can rescue yourself and be the change agent to go and help someone else. Feel free to share and bless someone.

If you love to share Inspirational and Motivational gifs, memes, videos, books, seminars, etc.  Join the Conscious Elevation group here on Bodybyloud!  Let's motivate and inspire others to become the best version of themselves they can possibly be, as we journey to do the same.

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The Soulful House of eXo and Dino

Listen to the soulful house music of eXo and Dino on YouTube, Mixcloud, Soundcloud or Hearthis. There's no music like house music for lifting your spirits and nobody puts it down like eXogroove and Dino Bros DJ.


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We are here because God, the Universal Mind, wants to feel what life is like.  Thus, he created the universe out of the desire to contemplate himself, which is Love and Life.  Man is a part of this creation, making his life a gift of love.  For God can only be what he wants to be. Since God wants to be me, then that must mean Everything Happens in My Favor, because God would not get in his own way.

Everything that is, is the spiritual manifestation of God and exist because he desires to be so.  This means God loves you and loves being you.

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DJ Fiddla

Founder of Moving Deep and Deep into Soul resident DJ. London based Dj/Producer and promoter. Soulful, Afro and Ancestral House.Bookings:

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Ivory (IT) - Nocturnal (Original Mix)
Art Of Tones - Gimme Some More (Original Mix)
John Julius Knight - Larry's Jam (Cleptomaniacs Mix)
Sebb Junior & Tasha LaRae - Never Be Alone (Sebb Junior & DJ Spen Dirty Disco Mix)
Funkatron - Second Choice (Original Mix)
JR From Dallas - Downtown City (Sebb Junior Remix)
Miguel Migs - Rhythm Touch
PEZNT - Pelin (Original Mix)
Una, B.I.T.S, DjOji, DjPope - Soul Underground 2018 (B.I.T.S Vocal Mix)
Reelsoul - 2morrow (Original Mix)
Roog, David Penn - House Thing (48 Hours Mix)

Selected & Mixed by eXo

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Arise Radio

Arise Radio(formerly The Groove Temple)

Arise Radio airs every Saturday night with hosts Steve Maxwell, Jozana, Black Terry, and Toby G on WNUR 89.3 FM for Chicago listeners. The audio stream is at This radio show has been around for quite a few years and airs house music mixed and selected by the hosts.  Arise radio is house music at it's finest.  Their love and knowledge of house music are what every newcomer to house music can really appreciate.  Their mixes are generally recorded and uploaded to Soundcloud, but you can also catch the individual DJs mixes on Soundcloud and/or Mixcloud.  We at Bodybyloud! also select mixes from the show for feature presentation in our Deep Soulful House music Groups and Blog.

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BUCIE - The Princess of House Music

Bucie (born Busisiwe Nolubabalo Nqwiliso, 10 March 1987) is a South African R&B and House singer. Known for the serenading voice on Black Coffee’s Superman, Bucie has gone on to affirm her position as one of the best South African House Vocalist. Her 2014 “Easy To Love” single peaked at number 9 on South Africa’s official music chart.

Where It All Began

Growing up in her hometown Klerksdorp, Bucie loved to sing for fun together with some friends and led the local church choir and participated in a number of arts programs. It all began to change drastically after she was introduced to Thandukwazi “Demor” Sikhosana”, a South African music producer who is also the co-owner of Demor Music.


In 2005, she did the Soul City soundtrack auditions and ended up singing and dancing in the Chicco produced group Maubani. And in 2006, she was in a June 16, youth project that was done by the highly respected, Duma kaNdlovu. On this project, she had an opportunity to share the stage with top music acts such as Judith Sephuma, Tshepo Tshola, Sbongile Mngoma, Arthur Mafokate and Thembisile Mntaka. Somizi Mhlongo was the choreographer of this highly regarded project, which gave her valuable insight into some of the workings of the industry.

The name Bucie came about after a series of deliberations. Because the industry already has a number of Busi’s, the plan was to come up with an exciting and powerful stage name that best described her.

The funked up Bucie was the perfect name that matched her rock star mentality.


1st Track - 0:00 - Get over it

2nd Track - 6:15 - He is the man

3rd Track - 10:45 - Induku enhle

4th Track - 15:17 - Not fade

5th Track - 20:31 - Wishing upon a star

6th Track - 25:17 - Midnight

7th Track - 31:49 - Do you

8th Track - 36:20 - Superman

9th track - 41:36 - Turn me on

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God's Guidance is Cause and Effect

God's Guidance
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Bodybyloud! Deep Soulful House Music Radio
"The World Is A Family" by Little Louie Vega and Josh Milan
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The Better Your Thoughts, The Better Your Life.

Conscious Elevation

Bodybyloud! is Conscious Elevation. It literally means "a body of a higher consciousness or mind".  Man is OF the Universal Supreme Consciousness/Mind.  Therefore, the way to raise our consciousness is to Elevate our Awareness of the essence of the Universal Supreme Consciousness in us.  In doing so, life is better for everyone.

Consciousness is a stage in evolution, so man is in the Conscious stage. The only way to evolve from this stage is consciousness elevation.  This stage involves the maintenance of a conscious mindset that acknowledges the relationship between the  Universal Supreme undifferentiated Consciousness and oneself.

Life is a gift from God.  The primary purpose of life is the enjoyment of this gift.  Besides enjoyment, the next greatest thing about this gift is our ability to have it more abundantly by creating what we desire. This is what makes us in the image and likeness of God.  As a result, we are granted unlimited potential.  We are eternally grateful for this gift!

This potential can only be maximized by the cultivation of thoughts, affirmations, prayers, and mentalities that better express this Creative gift from God because Consciousness is our creative gift from God.

Bodybyloud! is here to help facilitate the elevation of consciousness in man.  We are here to say we are of God and seek to reach our greatest potential through our acknowledgment of the essence of God in us, which is Love, Peace, Harmony, Beauty, Freedom, and Life.

The Better your Thoughts, The Better Your Life. In that order. This is the Law of Conscious Elevation.

As we think, so shall we be. This is the just of the law of consciousness or being. It means that your circumstances are a reflection of your thoughts and feelings. What you think and feel about life is your life. As within, so without. The outside must reflect the inside.

This is true for the individual and the collective. The circumstances, condition, or state of the world is a reflection of the collective consciousness of its inhabitants. The world reflects peace when peace is the dominant frame of mind/consciousness of the people of the planet. The world reflects strife or war when we have strife and war in our conscious mind collectively or communally.
The outside can only reflect the inside, by law. A man cannot reflect love if he is thinking and feeling hatred in his heart. That goes against the law, which cannot be done.

Life is a State of Consciousness

We can be born into or inherit a tendency of consciousness. The impressions we have of life are easily transferred from one person to the next. With no understanding of the law, we FALL victim to it.  If negativity is impressed on the subjective mind and is taken is as truth the life will reflect the negativity.

This is how a "ghetto mentality" creates the ghetto.  The inhabitants may inherit the tendency to act in a manner they feel is appropriate for the neighborhood but that's the mentality that created the circumstances in the first place.  We must always remember,

Thought is the First Cause of ALL Effect.

Is there such a thing as a ghetto state of mind? If we understand the law, then we understand a ghetto is a condition or circumstance of a collective state of mind. You change the mental state of the inhabitants, the conditions and circumstances change accordingly.   The ghetto is typified as an area of low standard of living. The only conscious mind state that can elevate the standard of living in any area is the elevation of Love in that area. This is why Love is God and God is Love. The power of love is without limit.

On the personal level, as a person chooses to focus their consciousness on the love of life and the gift that it is. This means having better thoughts about life and all there is in it. Life is better for that individual by the law of conscious elevation. You cannot think and feel great about life and have a worse life or a life that does not reflect those thoughts and emotions. This is impossible. Your life is automatically better because your thoughts and feelings reflect it.  This is the meaning of "as a man thinketh...", and why thought is the first cause of all effect.

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Zhane - Request Line

Zhane - "Request Line"

Added to 90's R&B/Soul on Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube: "Request Line" by Zhané

Bodybyloud! 90's R&B/Soul. Music Playlists


Zhane (wikipedia)


In the early 1990s, Renée Neufville and Jean Norris initially met while both were attending Philadelphia's Temple University and used to sing together at talent shows and other events. Although not a group, they collaborated on each other’s songs. In 1991, the pair met DJ Jazzy Jeff and their first professional recording together was "Ring My Bell" on the same album that featured DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s "Summertime". Former Warner Bros. executive Benny Medina suggested they become a group. For the name, Neufville had the idea of using the French pronunciation of their first names Jean and Renée, which sounded like "Jahnay". According to Norris "we added a 'Z' for a little flavor and we came up with Zhané."[2]

Breakthrough & Pronounced Jah-Nay[edit]

Given a high-profile spot on the all-star compilation Roll Wit Tha Flava[3] as their first recording opportunity, Zhané came away with one of the hip-hop party anthems of all time, "Hey, Mr. D.J." After meeting Naughty by Nature member Kay Gee, Zhané (then credited as Jhané) impressed the producer enough to go right into the studio to record for Roll Wit tha Flava. When "Hey, Mr. D.J." was released as a separate single as well, it hit number six on the pop charts and earned the group a contract with Motown in 1994. Their debut album, Pronounced Jah-Nay, produced two further Top 40 hits ("Groove Thang," "Sending My Love") and went gold by the end of the year; it achieved platinum status two years later. Zhané kept busy during 1995-1996 with spots on tracks by Busta Rhymes and De La Soul as well as new songs of their own on the NFL Jams and NBA 50th Anniversary compilations and the soundtracks to Higher Learningand A Low Down Dirty Shame — the latter, "Shame," became their fourth Top 40 hit.

Saturday Night[edit]

Norris and Neufville released the follow-up album Saturday Night in 1997, co-produced by Kay Gee, Eddie F., and themselves. The release featured the hit single "Request Line." A remix with different lyrics and raps by Queen Latifah followed. It peaked just outside the Top 40.

Group Dissolution & Solo Projects[edit]

Since the group's dissolution, Jean Norris married musician Marcus Baylor,[4] perhaps best known as the drummer in one of jazz fusion's leading ensembles, the Yellowjackets from 2000-2010. Jean Baylor released the solo album Testimony: My Life in June 2011 and a contemporary Christmas album entitled Light Up the World in November of the same year. She later formed a R&B/jazz duo with her husband named The Baylor Project and they released their debut album The Baylor Project (The Journey) in February 2017. In November 2017, the duo received two 60th Grammy Awards-nominations under Best Jazz Vocal Album and Best Traditional R&B Performance.[5]

Neufville hosted an early live internet series called 88 Soul where guests included well-known R&B/Neo-Soul artists such as Jill Scott, Carl Thomas, Kelis and Joe. She later contributed to albums and videos by the likes of India.Arie, Will Downing, Heather Headley, Leela James and Aaliyah amongst others. She became involved in Roy Hargrove's RH Factor project and figured prominently on the 2006 release Distractions playing keyboards and contributing lead vocals.[6]


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Success is Opportunity You're Ready For

Success is Opportunity You're Ready For

Life is Opportunity. Every day is an opportunity to do something, accomplish and strive for something, and another chance to enjoy living. This means each day or moment is filled with success when we know what success actually is.

Success is a series of opportunities you take advantage of. You can only take advantage of opportunities you see and are ready for.

First, you must see the opportunity. You can’t see new opportunities if you’re focused on missed opportunities. If you missed it, you weren't ready for it, so don’t waste additional energy dwelling on spilled coffee. Focus on the next opportunity. Most opportunities are waiting for you to get to where you can take advantage of them. They are waiting for you to be ready for them. Get yourself ready for a wider range of opportunities by learning more things and being positive about what you can do with what you learn.

Next, you have to do or live the opportunity that you are ready for. Action is important because the doing of the thing is what gives the effect. You have to take the shot. Life is opportunity, so success is everywhere. Success is the effect of the cause of taking advantage of opportunities.

This is why we say, Success is nothing but opportunity you're ready for.

During the course of writing this post, I realized success is what we give ourselves, through accomplishment. I saw the opportunity to write this post, I wrote it, I am satisfied and now I have success, lol.


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90’s R&B/Soul Music YouTube Playlists

For those that Love 90’s R&B/Soul Music

We present this collaborative 90’s R&B and Soul Music Youtube Playlist.  Everyone’s invited to join the Bodybyloud! 90’s R&B/Soul music group so we can decide together what stays on this playlist by rating the songs shared in the group for consideration.  Share your favorite songs from the 90’s and Invite friends to join the fun.

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Voyage Funktastique Presented by Music is My Sanctuary

Voyage Funktastique is dedicated to promoting Modern/Boogie/Funk music.  It's a radio show hosted by Walla P. and presented by Music Is My Sanctuary out of Montreal, Canada.  

Music Is My Sanctuary is an independent website dedicated to showcasing life-changing music to an audience of open-minded music lovers.

They focus on discovering and presenting music often overlooked by mainstream music channels, from Jazz to Electronic back to Hip-Hop.

Through articles, interviews, radio shows, DJ mixes, and events, we highlight and support artists we love.

They are also the creators of the 24 Hours of Vinyl events and hosts of the weekly MIMS Radio sessions with Phi Centre.

Digging Forgotten Treasures & Future Classics since 2007!

 Come Join Bodybyloud! Funk/Groove Elevation group to stay on top of all that's good in modern funk, classic funk, boogie, groove and lounge music.

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Soul Bangers by Professor Moses

Soulful music with some Bang. A mixtape series brought to you by Professor Moses.
Best experienced on high-quality speakers or headphones.

I'm just getting started on this mix series, so I'm not going to say a whole lot right now.  As I listen to each one, I'll give further focus on the tracks that stand out to me for whatever reason.  I invite everyone who sees this post to do the same and let me know something in the comments section.  Volume 3 is the volume I listened to first and discovered or rediscovered several notable joints.

Come Join Bodybyloud! Hip-Hop Elevation group

#Bodybyloud! #hiphopelevation #cultivatinggoodhiphop #essentialhiphopelevation #musicelevation

Vol. 3

Also, check out "The Ex" by J Dilla and other tracks I discovered in the mix.

The best time to get it is before the next man. ~ Bodybyloud!

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Bottle of Wine by Landon Sears

Landon Sears is an R&B/Soul/Hip-Hop artist from Kentucky and "Bottle of Wine" is the lead single off of his Autumn Icarus album.

Check it out and let us know in the comments if it deserves a spot on our Elevation Radio Playlists. 

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