Jail House Rap by the Fat Boys is the Greatest Hip-Hop song EVER.

It's a musical feast.  The blend of funk and hip-hop on that track has never been eclipsed, in my opinion.  The way Kurtis Blow combined beatboxing and the piano is amazing.  He gives hip-hop a groove that's fierce yet playful and fun.  I never get tired of listening to that joint.

The Real and Beautiful Truth of The Fat Boys

I couldn't write a better article about the Fat Boys than the author of the great article linked above.  The author, Scott Woods and I, obviously, both share fond memories of the Fat Boys.  I remember playing basketball, every day, all summer long with that first Fat Boys album blasting on a boombox.  By the end of the summer, the dust was so thick from playing on the dirt court, our black hair was dusty blond by dusk.

I did what I do and made a tribute playlist to go along with Mr. Woods post, so young heads can appreciate the original Disco Three, the way us older heads do.

Bodybyloud! Fat Boys GetRight


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I had the pleasure of hearing DJ Messy Marv perform at Summer House 2018 in Columbia SC at the end of June and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Of course, I had to search for any of his available mixes on the web.  Hoping to find something on SoundCloud or Mixcloud, I did my due diligence to no avail. Sad to say it was a tall task.  I found many a "messy marv" yet none did house music like the one that rocked Earlewood Park.

Thanks to DJ Ant B and In The Zone Entertainment, who also rocked the park, I was able to put together a YouTube playlist. I love to spread the word about DJ's doing their thing but it's hard to do when there's not much to share.  Hope that somehow we can convince DJ Messy Marv to record and upload his awesome mixes to either Mixcloud, Podomatic,  or SoundCloud, so we can enjoy the groove when we can't catch him live.

Thank again to DJ Kelly Kel for bringing DJ Ant B, DJ Messy Marv, and all the other DJs to the house music desert of the Carolinas.

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The DJ's of Summer House in the Park 2018
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Raw Soul Radio Live is a radio station set up strategically to assist independent soul, Jazz, Neo Soul RnB artists in order to further push and expose their talents to an active listening audience seeking access to listen and purchase their music online.

Their Mission is to help both new and emerging, both signed and unsigned artists and bands, in order to empower and expose their talents to the world through Internet radio.

Born out of frustration for the lack of exposure and support for independent artists being played on both underground and mainstream specialist radio stations, Raw Soul Radio live promises to revolutionize the game.

All their presenters and dedicated specialist DJ’s unique in their own way promise to diligently play and name all tracks from all spectrums of the many undiscovered and memorable soul genres in all its various classic and futuristic innovative forms.

By the accepted definition, neo- Independent soul is a paradox. Neo means new. Soul is timeless.  All associated splinters of neo-soul, nu jazz, Broken beat, Nu groove artists, and Hip-Hop in all their various ways and represented forms perform balancing acts exploring classic soul idioms while injecting a living breathing presence into time-tested musical formulas.

Raw Soul Radio’s ambition is to humanize and culturalize Raw R&B which has often been reduced to a factory-manufactured mass under perfected product.

Like sushi Independent – SOUL is fresh enough to be served RAW.

Raw Soul Radio on DJs on Mixcloud

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DJ Ant B In The Zone Entertainment


Excited about the sounds of House, R&B and Rap mixed with a little Northern Flavor, Anthony “DJ Ant B” Bennett, began to spin records in 1980. New Jersey did not know what hit them. “DJ Ant B” took over the scene doing most of the neighborhood house parties.

Later, he went to college where he ripped the roofs off of colleges and clubs. He also spun for fashions shows for some of New York and New Jersey top designers.

With an extreme love for house music, DJ Ant B brings you the sounds of the Zanzibar, Club America, Club 88, The Latin Quarters, The Shelter, and many more Northern House Clubs.

Currently, he is working with various artists, Greek organizations, and radio personnel in Atlanta, Ga.

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Bodybyloud! Keep it 100 Songs by 100 Artist Playlist Challenge

Here's the Challenge:  Create a 100 Song playlist by 100 different artists.


  1. 100 Song to a playlist
  2. 100 Different Artist
  3. No artist can be the main artist more than once
  4. An artist with a song on the playlist can only be a featured artist on the playlist once(1)
  5. The playlist can be of any genre or a mix of genres
  6. The playlist can be done on any platform (Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Google Play, SoundCloud, Tidal, etc.
  7. The playlist should use #Bodybyloud!100songsplaylistchallenge when shared on social media


The purpose of this challenge is to elevate the love and camaraderie of music.  We want people to express their love of music while taking a look at their personal musical taste.  Many of us will see we are not as diverse in our music repertoire as we think.

This challenge gives us an opportunity to explore and represent our musical taste while sharing the experience with others.

Challenge a friend to create a better Hip-Hop, Reggae, or Country music 100 song 100 artist playlist.

Challenge yourself to create a playlist that has the first letter in the alphabet of each artist name until you reach 100.

Challenge a group of friends to create a playlist from ten different genres.

This is a Labor of LOVE!

  • There are no pressure or time limits.
  • Go at your own pace and have fun.
  • Post your progress as you go.
  • Announce new music added to your playlist to social media.

I, Bodybyloud! Vint will do my best to make my playlist promotional by nature, meaning I will promote artist thru my playlist.  If you're an artist send me your best track and I'll see if it meets my GROOVE standard to make my playlist. Everyone on my playlist gets a featured post here on Bodybyloud!

Bodybyloud! will feature someone's tagged playlist once(1) a week!

We will post the playlist here and through our social media.

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DJ Access 107 Tim G

THIS IS WERE MUSIC LIVE'S THE TOTAL PACKAGE “For me, it’s all about mood and a deep, hypnotic groove… playing those tracks that get you tapping your feet and nodding your head without you realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date. “ Again Thank you all And feel free to post and Enjoy the sound's that I bring Peace and One Love!

CONTACT BOOKINGS: DJ ACCESS 107 TIM G & PRICING - Retirement party Weddings Parties & House party events - sgeorge18@triad.rr.com OR 336 405-6365 GROWN FOLKS PARTIES SOULFUL HOUSE AND 80s 90' R&B NEW https://twitter.com/DJACCESS107TIMG,  https://soundcloud.com/d-j-access-107-tim-g & USTREAM

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We are an up and coming internet radio station playing the best in House & Old School music! Catch us at Facebook live or via the TuneIn App. search Music Moves Soundz Radio!


DJ Hilt on Mixcloud and SoundCloud

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Loudtalk in the GetRight Spot! with Hazadous and Hittmann Blakk


Hip-Hop Up-and-Comers Hazadous and Hittmann Blakk have an elevated session with Bodybyloud Vint in the GetRight Spot! As usual, We get deep. Hittmann gets me str8 on the difference between Jeezy and Gucci Mane while Hazadous pontificates on his Wolf status and other philosophies. Put one in the air and check it out.

Disclaimer: All music heard in the background is for promotion and review purposes only. I do NOT own any rights to the music heard in this podcast.

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The story behind 'Funkin for Jamaica (NY)' by Tom Browne

Mini-documentary about Tom Browne's song Funkin for Jamaica (NY)

This song means so much to me because it literally sounds like the best party ever.  The so-called "background" conversation that actually made up the "lyrics" of the song sounded like what I wanted to be doing in a party.  Choppin-it-up, jivin', and chewin-the-fat with good friends while soulful funk plays in the background.  What else do you need... absolutely nothing.

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Babatunde of Tunde Records covers and rearranges a track called "Grace" by Pastor Charles Jenkins. It's a funky, soulful and Dirty Church track that's sure to move you in more ways than one.

Recorded by Sam B MIXIN and Co-Rearranged with JR Johnson, Timeless Sounds.

Brown Holy Ghost - Tunde Records

Brown Holy Ghost

More funky soul from Tunde Records! Reminiscent of Micheal Franti and Spearhead, Babatunde tells his story like only he can. Using his soulful Gospel-delic flavor as the musical medium he gives us something different, which is exactly what we need.

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Kings & Culprits - Greed

Tampa-based alternative rock band Kings & Culprits were founded in 2016 by Alexander Attir, Chad Shultz, and Jeff Seaman. The trio worked at blending their gritty rock style with modern production and carefully crafted songwriting. The band garnered local attention with the release of their 2016 EP "Know My Name" which borrowed its title from a song written by Alexander Attir in a previous band including the same members. Greed, the Single off the EP eventually landed the group a sync deal with California Label Indie Orange. The band spent 2017 honing their sound and writing in anticipation for a series of upcoming releases in 2018.

IMD ◮ Subscribe for more music: ◮ Indie Music Dimension

Check out our music groups right here on Bodybyloud! or discuss the music and artist of this post in the comments below.

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Hot new release from upstate New York artist Fidel Bozz-o Google  His is unique next 1 up!!! #fidelbozzo

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Only Thought is Creative

This is a Bodybyloud Vint's Loudtalk in the GetRight Spot! podcast episode where K1L2 and I discuss the principle set forth by Thomas Troward that "Only Thought is Creative". We get deep about what this principle means and the truth in it.  It's our very first elevation session together.  Listen to the YouTube edition for the full episode.

I, Bodybyloud! Vint, am a mental scientist because The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward, helped convince me that we have power in our consciousness.

Mental scientists believe that control of conscious thought and feeling have a creative effect in life.  I've always been a thinker and believed thoughts have creative power.   This belief was affirmed through the writings of the Honorable Judge Thomas Troward.  I now consider his writings to be a master teacher's guidebook on how to live a wonderful life.


The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science

Plain and simple, I, Bodybyloud! Vint send out a challenge to ALL atheist.  I challenge Any and All atheist to listen to or read The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward and explain to me why you deny the existence of the supreme creative force, the universal mind, GOD.

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Long Way and Higher - Doubt Johnson (singles)

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"Glory Days Slippin Away" is a song of the Munich based Hip Hop producer, artist and songwriter Deju featuring ThuggMiss, the rising female hip-hop artist in the international independent scene, coming from Kansas City. It's a Germany/USA Internet LinkedIn collaboration where both artists decided to do a project together. The track is the result of great networking and understanding. It has a nice west coast feel to it with lyrics and a melody to enjoy, spreading a positive message to the beat. Even if the days are hard and changes are miles far away sometimes, we need to find a way to just enjoy the day. This tune is available here on www.bodybyloud.com for promotion. "Glory Days Slippin Away" will be coming soon to your favorite online stores.




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The Cardiff Brothers

Hailing from Warwick, Rhode Island biological brothers John and Jake Cardiff have made a name for themselves creating a unique blend of pop and hip-hop music. With a diverse ability to attack tracks with elements from many different genres.

The Cardiff Brothers have built a growing fan base from all over the world. Their debut Album, All From Home, climbed the iTunes charts to #28, cementing The Cardiff Brothers as some of the top up-and-comers in pop/hip-hop music. Look for this duo to make lots of noise in the future.

Find all of their music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, and more. Or visit cardiffbrothers.com

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Live the Ideal Which is Love.

I had a little something to say about the Kanye West debate this past week, so I recorded my mentality on my ride to work.  A friend and I were discussing Mr. West on the "books" and I believe I had some poignant thoughts on the matter so I decided to include the FB post in the post.  Hope my buddy don't mind.  Our discussion led me to the idea that we should all, Live the Ideal Which is Love.

I guess we can call this voice memo my first installment of Loudtalk from the Getright Spot! Podcast.  Listen and tell me what you think in the comments.

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Dig's  Bio

I go by the name “Dig” from the Eastside of Pittsburgh. The name was given to me by my brother from another mother. I started rapping at the age of 18.  Clout to the rapper Tupac Shakur. Growing up in Eastside Pittsburgh I experience the harsh reality of drugs, violence, and everyday struggle. These real-life issues strengthened my passion as an artist to continue to write songs about things that aren’t seen in the public eye. I want my music to be a positive voice for people that are living in the environment that I’ve grown up in. I also want my music to be relatable to my listeners and contain substance. Which lead me to write my First hit “I’m in the game” that was featured on Bkwradio and also Miami Paradise radio. Followed by some of my newer songs LA story and Volvo classy.

I am currently working on pushing my music video for my new song "Legacy".I’m constantly in the studio recording, keeping my mind fresh and focus on my next hit. In addition to my music, I'm working on my clothing line. I currently have T-shirts and sweatshirts that support my moment and music. However, I must say my four kids are my biggest motivations. I want them to look at their father “Dig” as a voice for others through music and a positive influence on their generations to come. Ya Dig me!

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Potatohead People - Morning Sun ft. Nanna B.

After their incredibly well-received debut 'Big Luxury' back in 2015, and production credits on Illa J's critically acclaimed self-titled LP, Vancouver duo Potatohead People (aka Nick Wisdom & AstroLogical) went quiet for 3 years...leaving a legion of worldwide fans puzzled & hungry for new music.

We're happy to announce that the wait is finally over, and the first official single from their upcoming album 'Nick & Astro's Guide To The Galaxy' is finally here.

"Morning Sun" featuring Danish vocalist Nanna B (Anderson. Paak, Mndsgn) is in part a melancholy piece with knocking drums, an infectious bassline, and a soulful, shimmering hook.

'Nick & Astro's Guide To The Galaxy' is out worldwide on May 11th.

Potatohead People

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kevin-anthony 300x300

DJ Kevin Anthony Presents A Soulful House Experience

DJing since the mid 80’s at local colleges in Baltimore. Kevin grew a passion for House while the genre was still evolving out of its Disco age. Listening to DJ’s from New York, Chicago and Baltimore-House music became what he loved most. Music is his passion; it’s been a part of him all his life. Trained in music theory and a musician his ear is what drives him with smooth transitions and a style of his own…Cool Sounds A Soulful House Experience.

Check out DJ Kevin Anthony on Mixcloud, Pressure Radio, or you can stay right here on Bodybyloud! and discuss his latest mix in the comments below.

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DJ Kevin Anthony

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DJ GlibStylez

Current Favorite Mix by DJ GlibStylez


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DJ GlibStylez

DJ GlibStylez

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At the inception of a particular genre of music, the originators or pioneers, generally make use of ideas and concepts which have come before.

Nowhere is this truer than in the case of Hip Hop... It is well known that early Hip Hop derived its core sound by incorporating elements of Disco, Soul, Rock, Jazz & Funk... I think it could safely be said that Hip Hop was inspired by these...

That is, until the arrival of artist like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, Rza & MF DOOM... These particular artists took the formula and flipped it. They set out to make Soul, Rock, Jazz & Funk that was inspired by Hip Hop.

I too decided to take this approach with the soundtrack to my first feature-length film... It's entitled "THE ILLAMENTALS...Acts I, II, III". The film, "M.J. McCoy's...LEAN".

I've coined the phrase "Sonic Cinema" to explain the concept, in that, the composition's sonically relate the meaning & emotionality of the story.

It's a playfully funky little piece of work that's just dripping with soul.

I share this in an effort to raise awareness of the project as a whole and to demonstrate its merits...So if you can dig... then dig it by showing your support, visit the page, "Like, Follow & Share"..better still... Hit the link & buy it for $1... assist me in accomplishing what some say & believe can't be done.

-Lord Illest

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Kyle Kim and Sheree Hick - Never Alone
Soulstice Music

Soulstice Music

Soulstice Music is a Soulful House music label co-founded by Gerardo Smedile, one of the owners and art-director of Circle Club Milano.  The other co-founder is Mark Di Meo, a producer with more than 10 years in the music business. Being involved in this industry for so long, Mark has the expertise and knowledge of what the crowd wants to hear.

Soulstice Music strives to provide high-quality music, showcasing amazing producers, singers, and artists that share our love for real Soulful and Jazzy House Music. They believe that music changes people, and want to give the world a taste of the real sounds that move us.
Aiming to be one of the bests soulful labels in the music industry, they provide tasteful music from all the best producers in this business.

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MC Lyte

MC Lyte is Top 15 Greatest Emcee of All Time

Where she ranks is a matter of opinion, of course.  She's one of my favorites and this is where she ranks to me.  I won't get into who she's above or below.  Notice I didn't say, female emcee, because there's no reason to separate male and female emcees.  They both do the same work and that's rock the crowd if they're good.

MC Lyte is exceptional at rocking the party that rocks the body.  She is what hip-hop is all about.  Battle rhymes are cool but moving the crowd is what it will always be about to me.

The MC Lyte Hip-Hop joints playlist is her claim to fame and G.O.A.T. status.  Let me know if I missed an essential track in the comments below.

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