“There U Go” by Johnny Gill: R​&B/Soul Music History

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Bodybyloud! R&B/Soul Elevation Radio "There U Go" by Johnny Gill

Soul music is a major part of my music history.  Everyone has a music history and mine was a combination of R&B/Soul, Funk, Gospel, Hip-Hop, with a touch of jazz, rock, reggae, and country.  I'll be sharing my music history throughout Bodybyloud!
Johnny Gill, aside from being a member of New Edition, is an artist I remember from some duets he did with Stacy Lattisaw back when I was about to enter my teens.  Songs like "Where Do We Go From Here" stirred my imagination with the story embedded in the lyrics.  It was above my maturity level relationship-wise, and it sounded like it was even beyond the artists' maturity level, because we're about the same age.  However, that doesn't matter to the imagination.  You can put yourself in their shoes and live the song anyway.
Preteens is a wonderful time in life because you're just beginning to see yourself as an individual.  I guess that's why they call them "The Wonder Years"
Your mind is starting to say "I can think for myself."  This is a very important time in life because it is the beginning of the process of individuality.  The separation of the self from the rest of your environment.  You start trying to decide what defines you through fashion, music, and friends.
It's when, as the older folks used to say, "You start to smelling yourself."
According to how you comprehend certain life situations, you will learn life lessons on love, faith, friendship, family, and all other aspects of life.
Music plays a role because we learn and get an understanding of life events we haven't necessarily been through yet.  We can "dig a situation" with my imagination.  I can imagine myself in a situation just by hearing the details.  Good music gives you the details in a wonderful way.
A story through music is magical.  When I can feel the story through a song that has groove, it's like I'm a character in a movie.  If you have an imagination like mine you'll come up with an ending that fits your mental make up.  We usually decide what a song means to us and choose an imaginary ending we're happy with or at least could handle or deal with.
As I go through My Music History, I can see where the stories in the music touched me.  I always liked songs where the main character, the artist, was being real and honest with whomever they were dealing with or they were coming clean about something.  I imagine myself telling it like it was, through the song.  This is what I love about music.  Thanks to music and imagination we can experience situations we truly have no clue about.
"There U Go" by Johnny Gill is one of those songs.
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