Groove Don’t Lie – R. Kelly Soulful Joints Playlist

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Groove Don't Lie

I first thought of adding R. Kelly to Bodybyloud! FM from the very beginning.  I had to wrestle with the social implications right off the bat.  For some reason, we R. Kelly fans feel we have to justify our fanship to people.

We are here to enjoy life.  We can't live anyone else's life but our own.

Anyway fuck it, it doesn't matter, you like what you like.  R. Kelly had this something that can't be denied and that's GROOVE!

I don't possess any authority to give him a pass on any past misdeeds but I also don't have any reason to deprive my ears of some of the best R&B created in my or any generation.  The artist is a Master of Groove, just like Michael and Prince.

The growth and maturity I've noticed as I've gone thru his catalog of music have been a revelation.  He's gone from straight sex talk r&b and innuendo to expressive heartfelt soul music.  I actually thought I wouldn't flesh out any unknown gems from the catalog, even though I knew I shied away from his music because of fan-shame.

I have to admit I missed a great deal of good stuff.  There's no greater tribute or honor than imitation and R. Kelly's vocal and production imitations of artist such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Barry White are some of the best I have heard.

If depriving yourself the enjoyment of good music makes your life more enjoyable then continue on, but for those who just like good R&B/Soul music, and could care less about judging someone for what they do in their life, I present the Groove Don't Lie R. Kelly Playlists.

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