The Origin of ‘Good Shit’

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Let me pontificate. The act of Cultivating Good Shit is to take what is good and help it flourish.  Increasing in girth and quality.  To take a beautiful, tiny green plant and feed it, water it, give it plenty of sunlight and love is to cultivate it.  To check on it to make sure it's healthy. To take appropriate steps if it's found lacking something.  This is cultivation.

The origin of the 'Good shit'

We say shit with Love. We don't know where the term "good shit" came from but we imagine back in ancient times a few cats were watching over their cannabis plants and one farmer asked another farmer how his plants got so big and healthy.  We imagine the second farmer answered, "I don't know but I've been using this manure from the cows over there by the river."  The inquiring farmer asked how the cannabis smoked and the farmer let him take a hit off the joint he had already rolled up from one of his healthy plants.  Well, it didn't take long before the farmer could feel the effects of the joint.  He said (we imagine) "Show me this manure you been using.", and the other farmer obliged.  Upon examining the manure and taking a few more hits off the joint, he said, "That's some good shit!"  Thus, the connection between the term and good cannabis was born.

The quality of the cannabis was elevated by the quality of the care and manure the farmer gave the plants.  Thus the plant elevated the farmer and anyone who partook, accordingly.  The law of cultivation was beheld,  the more love and care we put in, the more love and elevation we get out.


Bodybyloud! Cultivates Good Shit which Elevates Life for us All.

We cultivate Good, Healthy Body, Mind, and Soul Elevating shit.  We cultivate Good deep soulful house music shit.  We cultivate good Hip-Hop shit. We cultivate good funny, comedic shit.  We cultivate good Common Sense shit, and so on, etc.

This is what Bodybyloud! is here for, Cultivating Good Shit, which Elevates Life for us all.

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