#NewMusicElevation is Music Marketing and Promotion designed to Elevate the Music Industry to give everyone some shine.

The key is to music industry marketing and promotion is exposure.  We want to give exposure while collecting reviews.  Reviews help us create the best playlist possible.  The magnitude of music being self-produced and published has flooded the market with music in a wide range of quality.  This has created several issues for the fan and the artists.  Music fans get frustrated sifting through all the low-quality stuff, while the artist struggle for ears willing to give them a chance.  The music business makes it clear something needs to be done

The solution is a place to Rate, Review, and Promote the cream of the crop.

For the fan, #NewMusicElevation is the place to promote and represent the music you love.   When a fan discovers a track worthy of exposure, they can submit it here for others to give their rating and review.  This requires truthfully rating the music.  Tracks will get removed from the playlists according to its rating.  However, if a fan loves it enough to give it the highest rating they should add it to their Bodybyloud! Personal GetRight Playlist that's featured on every Bodybyloud! member's profile page.  This, from the artist perspective is evidence of a true fan of the track.

For the artist, #NewMusicElevation will be a source of feedback and fan connection.  We all need honest feedback on what we create, if what we create is for public consumption.  We shouldn't take it personally because we should want our best work out there.  The better we make the playlist, the more people will listen, which means more exposure for everyone involved.  This means more exposure for the artist, musicians, producers, labels, etc.  Join the New Music Elevation group and invite other music lovers and critiques.

Shout out to all the other cats out there looking out for new music.  We'll shine a spotlight on them here.

If you follow the playlist below and find a track you feel deserves a spot on the #NewMusicElevation playlists featured above, join the New Music Elevation group and post the track in the group for others to rate it.  Promote the track through your social media by inviting others to come and rate the track


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