The Black Keys: Rock/Blues Artist Elevation

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The Black Keys are hands down the best rock band EVER!

Well, this is what my years of listening to them have told me.  I make this claim even though my rock music expertise is novice at best.  This is why my ears are still open to any challengers, past or present.  Anyone who wants to put up another band will now have to make a playlist of that artist that beats my Black Keys GetRight music playlist. Their music is blues-rock at it's finest.  My only job was to extract the groove from the catalog. The band made my task fairly easy because they seem to know rock music has to groove too.

If you know a band, past or present, that has a discography that you're willing to put up to The Black Keys, let's get it on.  I know I'm putting them up against The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, and some greats but that's how strong I feel about my playlist.  Make a playlist of that artist's best work and we'll let the people decide.

I'll challenge myself by doing a playlist of the above-mentioned rock bands to see if I can top myself.  I'll retract my headline statement if it turns out I can make myself wrong.

Bodybyloud! The Black Keys GetRight Playlist

The Black Keys Latest Album

The Black Keys - Turn Blue


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