Womack & Womack – “Baby I’m Scared of You” is the flashback R&B/Soul track by a duo with an intriguing family story and legacy.

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Womack & Womack - "Baby I'm Scared of You"

From their 1983 album, Love Wars is a song by the R&B/Soul duo, Womack and Womack, later going by the names, Zeriiya and Zekkariyas. The married duo had a story and history that always intrigued me.  Running across this song gave me a chance to explore it and relay it to other interested minds.  Take the story without judgment on the participants and players.  I don't relay this so people can point fingers.  I relay it because it's life and the art of music, which we love, comes from it.  Do you think Bobby Womack's "I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much" could have been made without there being a story behind it?  Judge not, lest ye be judged.  I'm glad for the music.  The legacy continues through the Womack Sisters.  I discovered them in making this post, so blessings on blessings abound.

Consciousness creates art which comes from the mind of someone experiencing life in a distinctive way.

The Womack Sisters on Black Hollywood Live: The Beat

These ladies continue to give us what the Womacks, as a musical family, have always blessed us with...amazing soulful, gritty, groove-filled music.  They definitely are carrying on the family musical legacy.  I look forward to all the music coming from them in the future.

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I'm starting this R&B/Soul moment post series just to give some shine to music that may have been missed by many.  We all can use a little help exploring the world of music.  So much has come and been overshadowed.  We are all the collective consciousness of the one that never forgets anything.  As individualized embodiments of the one, we have to come together to recall all that has been.

"Baby I'm Scared of You" by Womack & Womack was covered by Leela James in 2009.  Which version do you like the most?


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