Leven Kali laces #DatGetRightMusic playlist with “Thursday” and “Sumwrong”, two joints that hit, we call them #loudjoints if you know what we mean.

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When it comes to music these days, I usually just follow the music and pay less attention to the artist.  I'll have to say since I was made aware of Leven Kali I've made an exception to the rule.  I plan to keep track of this young artist.

"Thursday", was a track that popped up during my new music listening session and it fit nicely into #DatGetRightMusic playlists.  It has the cool feel and groove that peaks my ear.  The theme is simple, which makes for the best R&B to me.  However, when I found heard "Sumwrong" and realized it was by the same artist I had to say hold up, I should take note of this cat.  They both will have you repeating a certain part in your head and singing out loud when it gets to that "spot".

"Sumwrong", has that soul that's hard to find for some reason.  I'm old-school so I like when I hear some real "soul-sangin".  That's the joint right there.

I had to add "Do U Wrong" ft. Syd after listening to more tracks by Mr. Kali.  Now that's three #Loudjoints on the playlist.

From Spotify:
Songwriter/singer/producer Leven Kali was born in Holland to a musical family and raised in Santa Monica, California.
Just out of his teens, the artist began making a name for himself with some high-profile collaborations, including features on tracks by Drake and Playboi Carti in 2017. He followed these shortly with solo tracks, including the futuristic R&B single "Yours" in June of 2017 and "Do You Wrong" in early 2018, which featured former Odd Future affiliate Syd. ~ Peenie Slawson, Rovi
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