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R&B/Soul Elevation Radio

This radio or playlist, however you wish to see it, is the culmination of all the best music that fits the R&B/Soul genre.  The ultimate goal is to put it all together regardless of era or sub-genre.  This means I will be adding all the music from artists, who match this genre, that I've already made a playlist for.  I'll combine those with generational playlists like 70's and '80s and 90's R&B/Soul playlists.  The best Neo-Soul/Nu-Soul of the not-so-new millennium and the new music of today will round off the radio mix making the best R&B/Soul conglomeration of music.

It's gonna be a blast to put it all together so stick around or better yet participate by putting your two cents in by suggesting music you feel should be included.  Comments are welcome below.


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