’90s R&B/Soul Music Playlists

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'90s R&B/Soul Music Playlists


'90s R&B/Soul Music has a special place in the heart of '70 and 80's babies.  It's might be the fact that we started making our own babies to the music of that decade.  I confess I have two '90s offspring conceived to sexy R&B grooves of that decade.  Being a child of the '70s I was in my 20's during this time and was spreading my wings as an adult, finally out the nest.  It's a good thing because the '90s RnB had a maturity level that my parents wouldn't have tolerated much of in their house.  With rap lyrics starting to find their way into RnB music, the songs got more explicit and racy.  It was all good though, I was a grown man by then.

One great thing about '90s RnB/soul was how musical it was.  Live instruments still took the lead in the studios even with New Jack Swing being the most notable sub-genre.  We had no idea how much that was gonna change by the time our babies got to be our age.

In honor of that decade in R&B/Soul music history, we present this collaborative 90's R&B and Soul Music Playlist.  Everyone's invited to join the Bodybyloud! 90's R&B/Soul music group so we can decide together what stays on this playlist by rating the songs shared in the group for consideration.  Share/nominate your favorite songs from the '90s and Invite friends to join the fun.

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