“Best Hugs” by DRAM: #DatGetRightMusic

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Originally, I was going to just post on the single, "Best Hugs" by DRAM.  However, the latest music from arguably the hottest R&B/Hip-hop producer/artist also known as Big Baby Dram makes him worthy of an Artist Elevation post.  I'm just warming up to the new school of R&B but this guy makes it easy to like his music.  There's joy and happiness to his music that stands out among a genre that seems bent on melodrama.  You can tell his influencers were the R&B/Soul artist from the '70s, '80s, and '90s.  He's brought old-school flavored soul and groove back to the genre in his own way.   Maybe the pendulum of soulful R&B is swinging back to more groove and simpler lyrics.  Either way, I'm more optimistic about DRAM and #DatGetRightMusic he produces.

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