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"2 Steppin'" by John Givez is #DatGetRightMusic because of the smooth vibe.

What makes it so nice is the simple theme. There's no drawn-out detail about a relationship on the rocks or anything like that. Just a couple "2 Steppin'" through life.

In relationships, understand the two-step is more than a dance.  You have to dance around pitfalls, obstacles and often the past just to keep it afloat.  That's why you learn to keep your discussions simple after a while.  You learn to avoid certain trigger subjects or words, like that dance move that might take you off balance.  Keep it smooth and stay off your heels, now you're 2 steppin'.

You may ask why do I want 2-step through my relationships.  The simple answer is, peace is the optimum state of any relationship.  Movement is constant so peace requires consciousness about not stepping on other's toes.  No one likes their toes stepped on.  So we each should take the time to watch out for each other's toes.

The easiest way to do this is to focus on being the most loving person you can be to others, and see the loveliness and beauty in everyone.  This means not looking for flaws you feel needs pointing out.  For many reasons, this is a habit we all can do without.  For discussion, in the comments area, state one good reason this habit should be done away with.

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