“Psycho” by Lauren Aquilina is #DatGetRightMusic because we like crazy, in pop music and beyond.

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"Psycho" by Lauren Aquilina is #DatGetRightMusic

Because we like crazy in a pop music kinda way, a track like "Psycho" by Lauren Aquilina is right up my alley. The theme of admitting you are nuts with acceptance while in the course of it explaining how come is pretty cool. I think people would say I'm a bit off if they heard the stuff I believe but if I could explain "how come" maybe they would come around to my kinda crazy. I'm coo-coo for metaphysics right now. I live for discussions on "what is life?" and "how does the universal supreme creative force/mind operate? The issue is, people wonder about you when you try to express this kind of subject matter. Thank goodness we live in a time of YouTube University, and Amazon Prime U. Now, I can point to people to videos and documentaries that can better explain what I'm talking about. That is while becoming more adept at explaining it in my own words. I'm getting there, it's an elevation process. The more I know, the better I can express, so here's to knowledge.

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