“Pizzazz” by Yung Gravy is #DatGetRightMusic because we have it, too

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"Pizzazz" by Yung Gravy is #DatGetRightMusic

In hip-hop, you have to be cocky in numerous ways.  It seems like bragging is and forever will be an important aspect of it.  I can only stand so much of it myself but because I'm an older head, I realize hip-hop came with braggadocios-ness.  The reason I like "Pizzazz" by Yung Gravy is because of the unique background music and the tongue-in-cheek video.   I almost left it off the #DatGetRightMusic playlist however the way the artist doesn't take himself to seriously pushed it over the top.  To me,  it makes a bit of fun of how rappers portray their lifestyle in videos.  I don't know if Yung Gravy had that intention but that appears to be the case.  This is pop/hip-hop music I can deal with.  It's light, humorous and fun.  That's why it gets the nod.


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