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Music Love on Bodybyloud! YouTube Channel.

 Bodybyloud! YouTube Music Playlists are made of our favorite music videos and mixes. It's our way of showing love for music and DJ mixes on YouTube.   Spreading good music is what we do.  Sharing is Elevating.
Telling others what we’re appreciating at the moment elevates the creators of that something. Artist, musicians, producers, writers, record labels, DJs, and online radio stations all deserve credit for good work.

Join the music groups of Bodybyloud!

Elevate your favorite YouTube music videos and mixes by posting the link to the music and mixes in the proper groups.  All we ask is that you actually like the music you post in the Bodybyloud! Music groups and forums.  Honesty and truth are what it's all about.

Feeling Good Make it Easy to Give our Best.

Attention is given to the video/music artists, DJs, and mixes that we feel good about elevating. That way others get the chance to appreciate them too.  When everyone shares, everyone receives.  Sharing love of music helps the creators feel good about what they're doing due to feeling appreciated.  This gives them the incentive and inspiration to keep giving us what we love.  It also lets them know exactly what we like by them.
This is what we call Music Elevation on Bodybyloud!  It works by the Law of Attraction by attracting more of what we give our attention to. Let's attract great music by giving it our attention.
Our YouTube Playlists feature R&B/Soul, Neo Soul, Deep Soulful House Music, Reggae, Rock, Funk, and Hip-Hop! Help us Elevate our music playlists by letting us know what we're missing.  Post the YouTube music and mixes we forgot on our playlists wherever you see this post and tag #Bodybyloud!
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