Merry Christmas from The GetRight Spot!

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Merry Christmas from The GetRight Spot!

From the bottom of my soulful heart, I wish each and everyone under the earshot of this mix the very best and Merry Christmas.

I present The Soul of House #9 by my man eXogroove as my gift to you all.

Jesus the Master Teacher

This day is in honor of Jesus the Master Teacher.  I have grown to understand Jesus the Christ as a master teacher who came to give us a greater understanding of what it is to be a conscious child of the everliving one.  We are of our creator, not in part but in whole. What makes man "in his father's or creators image" is his consciousness.  We are like our creator in the fact that we are aware of ourselves or conscious of our existence.   Our ability to create and change our environment is due to our consciousness. Jesus' teaching was to let us know there is great potential in your consciousness.  He taught that those who knew who they were and followed his teaching had a power unto them that transcends this plane.

To follow Jesus teaching means to emulate and elevate to his consciousness.

Most people believe, to be Christian means to worship Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.  What was he saving us from?  He was saving us from ourselves.  Man's troubles are usually from his thoughts.  What I've learned from Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill is that the enemy is in how we think.

Jesus taught his disciples what?  He taught them how to think consciously and what type of mentality to uphold.  He taught them to love everyone and don't judge anyone.  To live in such a manner takes being set in your mind, making it a mindset.  This Christ mindset, if practiced by all, would immediately bring about heavenly change on earth.  This is another way heaven is within, your consciousness.

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