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Josh Milan and Honeycomb Music

Honeycomb Music is one of the few labels willing to take a stab at putting the "Soul" back in the industry. In today's music, technology has replaced the human touch. The industry is saturated with music that is synthetic and techie. Honeycomb is a home for artists that have an interest in instrumentation and quality lyrics. "Honeycomb is mainly a dance music label. However, with the group Honey Sweet, and maybe 3 other acts, we plan to cross over into the jazz and alternative markets" Josh Milan(CEO/Founder) says. Honey Sweet is Honeycomb Music's latest gem. This band is comprised of street musicians and some classically trained musicians that have come together to do music that is reminiscent of 70's funk bands like Santana, War, B.T. Express, Cameo, and many others.

Deep Soulful House Music Elevation

If you're a "House-head" or have discovered a love of house music? Join Bodybyloud!'s Deep Soulful House Music Elevation  Let's Cultivate and Elevate Good House music!

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