If LOVE Ain’t In The Solution, Then It Ain’t A Solution. #Loudtalk #GetRightQuote

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The world will forever have its share of issues or problems if we choose to see life in those terms. I've grown to the understanding that life is as you believe it is. That means, for me, all is right with the world. However, if you see flaws in the system called life then it is upon you to understand and do your part to fix them.

The state of self-forgiveness is the state of self-love.

First and foremost, the only part of the problem you can possibly fix is the part of the problem you contribute to.  In other words, you gotta work on the issues you bring to the collective consciousness.  Self-work is the first work.

However, instead of beating yourself down about your faults, how about forgiving yourself right from the start.  Love yourself from this point on by forgiving yourself for everything in the past, present, and future.  Self-forgiveness is self-love. By remaining in this state forever you'll be doing all you can do to better the world.

Self-forgiveness/self-love frees you to forgive everyone else for their faults.  This is because you'll spend so much energy being positively self-conscious you won't have time to judge and criticize others. Whenever you think negatively of others you'll have an occasion to forgive yourself. If you are consciously aware, eventually, you'll see the futility of being judgemental.  This is what I mean by conscious elevation.

From this state, you've eliminated the problem and you have initiated the solution at the same time. This solution is a complete answer to the problem.  It's called LOVE and it starts with SELF.

Automatically forgiving others is called LOVING THY NEIGHBOR.

The Master Jesus said we should "Love thy neighbor as thy self". This means forgiving them as we forgive ourselves past, present, and future.

The ONLY complete answer to any of earth's issues or problems is LOVE. Love is the peace giver in all situations. Love is the harmonizer in all situations. Love is the beautifier in all situations. It can turn an ugly situation into a beautiful one. This is the reason we say, "If love ain't in the solution, then it ain't a solution.

Shout out to DJ Oji who says "If Everybody gives love, everybody gets love."

If everybody gives love, everybody gets love. DJ Oji

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