We Love House Music Djs

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We Love Our House DJs

Great DJs know how to take music from the past and mix it with the hottest tracks of today to create a musical experience.  House music DJs are some of the best at this and we wish to celebrate them here on Bodybyloud!

Deep Soulful House music is the continuation of the best boogie, funk and uplifting soul music.

Right now it's my favorite music!  Being so, I have run across many DJs who are really doing their thing.  This post is in honor of them.

They play get-down, soul music.  They find, select, and mix, just for us, #musicfuel to dance or workout to.  As listeners, we can just chill without worrying about picking the next song to listen to.  Saving us countless hours of time and energy sifting through the many tons of music created presently and in the past.  What can be better than that?  We thank these "mixologist" for all they do to elevate music and bring us so much joy.

For this, they have our eternal gratitude.  Salute to the Dj's of House!

Check out the Featured DJ post for DJ Ant B, Messy Marv, DJ Kevin Anthony, DJ Flava, DJ Oji, DJ Access-Tim G, Lars Behrenroth and others to come.

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