DJ Messy Marv Live In The Zone (YouTube)

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I had the pleasure of hearing DJ Messy Marv perform at Summer House 2018 in Columbia SC at the end of June and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Of course, I had to search for any of his available mixes on the web.  Hoping to find something on SoundCloud or Mixcloud, I did my due diligence to no avail. Sad to say it was a tall task.  I found many a "messy marv" yet none did house music like the one that rocked Earlewood Park.

Thanks to DJ Ant B and In The Zone Entertainment, who also rocked the park, I was able to put together a YouTube playlist. I love to spread the word about DJ's doing their thing but it's hard to do when there's not much to share.  Hope that somehow we can convince DJ Messy Marv to record and upload his awesome mixes to either Mixcloud, Podomatic,  or SoundCloud, so we can enjoy the groove when we can't catch him live.

Thank again to DJ Kelly Kel for bringing DJ Ant B, DJ Messy Marv, and all the other DJs to the house music desert of the Carolinas.

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The DJ's of Summer House in the Park 2018
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