DJ Kelly Kel, House Music Ambassador and the Force Behind Columbia House Music Project.

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DJ Kelly Kel is The House Music Ambassador and Force behind the Columbia House Music Project.

DJ Kelly Kel is a Champion for spreading the love of house music to all of the south.  Actually, she spreads her love of house music and people all over the United States.  We, here in the metro area of Columbia, SC are especially grateful to DJ Kelly Kel for what she does for us in our neck of the woods.  She's given us quite a few totally free house music events always accompanied by a warm smile.

One of her events was the historic House Music at the State House where she put together a lineup of celebrated house DJs from all over the US to do their thing on the steps of the South Carolina State House.  It was a wonderful day to be a resident and house head.

Columbia House Music Project


Columbia House Music ProjectDJ Kelly Kel is now known for doing such events all over the south and east coast.  With her Columbia House Music Project, she unites transported house-heads from areas like Chicago, Baltimore, New Jersey, New York, Detroit, etc. with DJs they probably would have to go back to their home states to hear perform.  Even though I'm a local dude, I'm especially glad to have experienced DJs like Ant B in the Zone, DJ Messy Marv, and several others I've yet to do a post on.

I did a post for the metro's beloved DJ a while back, however, when I reviewed it a few months ago I knew I had to redo it.  She's been more than an Ambassador for house music.  It's more of a ministry through music, for she has converted many of southerners who know not what they missed.  I guess you can say the Columbia House Music Project is a mission and DJ Kelly Kel is a missionary.  Musically blessing souls one soulful house music event at a time.

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