Much Love to Dj Oji and Handz on Radio

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Dj Oji
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Much Love to Dj Oji and Handz on Radio

Discovering Dj Oji and "The Underground Essentials" radio show has been a musical blessing and pleasure.  With this pleasure, I have to give a shout out to Dj Oji @ojidj and Handz on Radio for doing what they do.  My househead homey, and close friend, Ben is the person I have to give credit for turning me on to Mixcloud editions of "The Underground Essentials".

If you don't understand how this radio show could be a blessing for househeads like Ben and me, you have to understand where we are from.  Being in the south, over the years we've caught hell staying up on regional genres like House and Go-go music.  The primary way to get current House music over the years was to have family or friends in that region to send you mixes or recorded radio programs.  Other than that, a local Dj, who was a househead, would have to share their love of house music. We've had neither.

With the world wide web and the music streaming services like Mixcloud, Soundcloud, and Podomatic a whole world of music has opened up for many regional music genres.  Yet, as I was saying to Ben the other day, the tons of music missed, due to lack of access, is vast.  Thanks to djs like Dj Oji and his "The Underground Essentials" radio show, we househeads who've missed so much great music over the years, get a taste of the real shit. If it wasn't for Dj Oji and his counterparts, like the Arise Radio Show, we'd have to muddle through whatever we could find with no sense of direction.

On top of keeping the past great music of House alive, Dj Oji puts us down on what's new in the soulful, deep house music scene.  However, since I've been listening to "The Underground Essentials", the favorite thing about his mixes is the uplifting, positive messages, I'm sure he selects, in the music.  That aspect really resonates with me in my journey to elevate myself.  Staying positive and motivated has to be your lifestyle and daily routine.  You have to live it to have it.  House music is my go to genre right now just because it motivates and inspires almost naturally.

We at Bodybyloud! Thank Dj Oji, for his "The Underground Essentials" show and for giving us, out-the-loop househeads so much to groove to.  We bless him and Handz on Radio and ask that they keep on doing what they do.  We also ask that the Mixcloud streams of the show continue to be uploaded and be full of that underground, unheralded goodness, Ben and I appreciate so much.

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