Who’s Next Hip-Hop?: Sheem One

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Who's Next Hip-Hop: Sheem One

Emcee Sheem One calls upon the power of hip-hop — not to mention the power of positive thinking — to spread his hustle harder and smarter message: work towards goals, search for knowledge, respect your fellow man, treat women right, follow your dreams.

But the message is nothing without an attractive medium. And, indeed, positive vibes are spread through a cross-culture combination of banging Bronx beats and Dirty South swagger, a sweet and slick brand of hip-hop that leans toward the underground — while acknowledging the pop roots of the mainstream.

Sheem One's emphasis is on the community, truth, unity, and faith. He's a National Recording artist on the Fantasy Entertainment music label. As a performing artist, he has chosen Hip-Hop to promote his unique style of music. He offers Hip-Hop message by which a multitude of listeners can enjoy. FUN, UPLIFTING, MOTIVATIONAL, AND REAL. His project "R.A.H. R.A.H. Music" sets to drop soon.

Sheem One

Sheem One - Hip-Hop Artist, Dee Jay, Master of Ceremonies, and Positive Keynote Speaker

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