Hip-Hop Elevation Radio Playlists

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Hip-Hop Elevation Radio Playlists

Is a collaborative effort to Elevate Hip-Hop and show love for the culture.   Hip-Hop Elevation Radio Playlists expresses our love for the music and videos of Hip-Hop.  We come together in the name of Hip-Hop Elevation to create the greatest playlists/radio station known to man.  

We can do this because we love Hip-Hop and are willing receive what others have to offer to the playlists.   The culture is not a child anymore.  It's grown and has spread to all parts of the planet.  

This means Hip-Hop is a different thing to many people.  Depending on when and where your love for the culture began shapes your view of Hip-Hop.  A Generation X head from NYC is bound to differ from a Millennial head from ATL or the UK,  just from points of reference but we all share the love of Beats and Rhymes.

 We do these playlists for all to have a say in what Elevates Hip-Hop.

In order to help us decide what goes on the playlist, Join our Hip-Hop Elevation group on Bodybyloud! to have a say in what goes on the Hip-Hop Elevation Radio Playlists.

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