“Good Day” by Jagwar Twin: #DatGetRightMusic

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"Good Day" by Jagwar Twin is #DatGetRightMusic

The feel and positive, hopeful nature of the song #DatGetRightMusic. A "Good Day" is in store for Jagwar Twin, who already see it that way. He claims it as a 'good day' and hopes to spend it with that special person.  They call it visualization, something that sages and master teachers say is one of the keys to manifestation.

In the Bible, it says "Speak these things as if they already were"  This song represents that principle to me.  It's a consciousness adjustment that amounts to expecting things to go as you desire instead of the opposite.  This is one of the things we should strive to do because it adjusts your attitude toward life.  Life is as you see it so you might as well see as good.  Look for the worse and that's what you'll see.  Look for the best and that's what you'll see.  This is the meaning of the principle "Seek and ye shall find."  Try it for yourself and see if I ain't right.

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