“Burning Up” by Harlo featuring Holden Le Dinh and MP Crown is #DatGetRightMusic because of the oooh ahh groove.

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Often we like a song for the oddest reasons. Since I've been posting about the music featured on the #DatGetRightMusic, I've been attempting to give reasons for why I added each track. I try to be as specific as possible, however, it feels silly to say I really dig a cut for an adlib. None the less, this is often the case. Sometimes in life, it's the "oohs and ahhs" that give life its flavor. "Burning Up" by Harlo has more than 'oohs and ahhs'. It a funky track with a cool rap and that's all I need. The oooohs and ahhhs is icing on the cake.

Under the artist name Harlo, Atlanta- based Griffin Northcutt creates a pop-indebted sound characterized by electric rhythms, high energy vocals, and alternative inspired guitar melodies.
As a multi-instrumentalist and beatmaker, the 22-year-old Harlo brings a unique perspective to the indie-pop world. His musical journey began when he was in middle school, learning how to mix sounds and use music engineering software. In 2013, he made his beats available for purchase through a Youtube channel, Harlow Beats. It gained over 40,000 subscribers-- making Harlo a part of the first wave of successful Youtube beat producers.
In 2018, Harlo decided to embark on his own solo career. Inspired by artists like James Blake and Jamie XX, Harlo seeks to meet them in the creative space that encompasses both songwriting and electronic production.
Harlo’s music features a dazzling mix of vocal collaborations. Featured vocalists on his upcoming album cover an array of genres, such as rap and psychedleic rock. “Stay Where We Started” is a captivating blend of sounds with an undying, feel-good energy.
Today, Harlo lives in Downtown Atlanta and spends his days carrying out that initial passion.
His newest single, “Burning Up,” is a floor-filling banger, blending elements of mid-tempo funk and hip-hop. But more importantly, the lyrics give listeners a taste of who Harlo really is-- an unforgettable, fiery redhead who can’t keep his cool, because [his] hair is on fire.
- Sydney Ross
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