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Bodybyloud! Keep it 100 Songs by 100 Artist Playlist Challenge

Here's the Challenge:  Create a 100 Song playlist by 100 different artists.


  1. 100 Song to a playlist
  2. 100 Different Artist
  3. No artist can be the main artist more than once
  4. An artist with a song on the playlist can only be a featured artist on the playlist once(1)
  5. The playlist can be of any genre or a mix of genres
  6. The playlist can be done on any platform (Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Google Play, SoundCloud, Tidal, etc.
  7. The playlist should use #Bodybyloud!100songsplaylistchallenge when shared on social media


The purpose of this challenge is to elevate the love and camaraderie of music.  We want people to express their love of music while taking a look at their personal musical taste.  Many of us will see we are not as diverse in our music repertoire as we think.

This challenge gives us an opportunity to explore and represent our musical taste while sharing the experience with others.

Challenge a friend to create a better Hip-Hop, Reggae, or Country music 100 song 100 artist playlist.

Challenge yourself to create a playlist that has the first letter in the alphabet of each artist name until you reach 100.

Challenge a group of friends to create a playlist from ten different genres.

This is a Labor of LOVE!

  • There are no pressure or time limits.
  • Go at your own pace and have fun.
  • Post your progress as you go.
  • Announce new music added to your playlist to social media.

I, Bodybyloud! Vint will do my best to make my playlist promotional by nature, meaning I will promote artist thru my playlist.  If you're an artist send me your best track and I'll see if it meets my GROOVE standard to make my playlist. Everyone on my playlist gets a featured post here on Bodybyloud!

Bodybyloud! will feature someone's tagged playlist once(1) a week!

We will post the playlist here and through our social media.

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