More New Friends, Please.

Say ‘YES’ to More New Friends

I see all the time where people adopt this “No New Friends” motto as their personal method of operation. I think the rapper, Drake, had a song that popularized it.  Basically, they are saying ‘NO’ to more new friends. Personally, I like to play out a line of thinking just to see where it goes. Let’s play out the line of thinking of, “no new friends”.  Where does that thinking naturally take us?  Is it Elevation thinking or not?  Let’s start with the friends you have now.   Do you really think the friends you have right now are going to actively contribute to changing your life?  Look around you.  Assess the friends you have.  Are they focused on a similar mission? Do they tell you about books they are reading or send you videos about something they believe could help you?  Do they have goals that are going to set them up for life?  If you find yourself surrounded by people who aren’t going anywhere it’s a sign you aren’t going anywhere.  Movers connect with movers.  If your friends aren’t cheering you on then you need more new friends that will.

Old Friends Become New Allies

Longtime friends often aren’t interested in what you have going on. That’s their right as individuals. Don’t be mad at people who for whatever reason don’t believe in your vision.  No one has to believe in your vision but YOU.  However, we all need encouragement along the way. Those who struggle the most usually do because they think they are alone.  Old friends with new aspirations who see your efforts to better yourself often look for ways to help you because they believe, as a friend, you would do it for them, which I’m sure you would.  These friends come to understand that elevation means connecting with those who are on the same journey.  We should all recognize the people, we already know, who are striving to better themselves.  There is strength in numbers. On this journey, new friends and old friends with new aspirations become allies. 

Be Friendly, First.

To become friends you have to have a mutually beneficial relationship.  Friends are people who can see your presence in their life as a good thing for themselves.  You have to be that good thing first.  The best way to make new friends is to cheer someone else on, first.  Be the person that says, ‘Keep your head up’.  Be there for others, just to listen when they need an ear.  Give advice sparingly and with loving honesty.    Be first to assist somebody.

Speaking As an Entrepreneur 

Many entrepreneurs learn it’s mostly new friends that assist you on your journey.  If The GetRight Spot needs a web designer and a web designer is in need of work then, to me, we are friends out of association and reciprocity.  Sure, I can keep it just business, but if I treat them as a friend the relationship has the potential to grow into a mutually beneficial friendship.  We should strive to walk through life seeing everyone we meet as a potential friend.

On A Spiritual Note

God is our supply because There is Only God. God comes in all forms to our aid. One of these forms is other people. We call these people, Friends.  Watch what you claim because you don’t want this “no new friends” idea to claim you. You’re saying NO to far more than you think. Claim more new friends as your spiritual consciousness by being a new friend to all you meet.  Do this knowing God will be the friends you need in your life and they will manifest accordingly.

By Bodybyloud! Vint

Hello, I AM Vincent Harris aka Bodybyloud! Vint, the founder of The GetRight Movement. I just want to help others with having a better life. I believe it begins with correcting the way we think. I like to debate.

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