Slice World: “There is life and I give it soundtracks.”

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Slice World [Featured Artist]

Slice World says "There is life and I give it soundtracks."

Elevate Yourself. That's the Only Way it's Going to Happen.

You didn't have a choice in the circumstances you were born into. Your spirit chose your body with the full understanding and knowledge that the supreme creative mind has.  Thus, your spirit chose you. It chose your being to experience life through.  With your thinking and actions, you decide what the experience your spirit has and what your life is. Your thinking, beliefs, and actions got you where you are today.

How the ghetto is created and maintained.

#Loudtalk: The realist explanation to how a ghetto is created is the people LIVE themselves into a ghetto.  The only way to elevate out of it is to LIVE it out as a collective community. No matter where the ghetto is on the planet.  Think, believe and act your way out of the life that was collectively created.

The saying goes "You can take the person out the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out the person."  That's because the ghetto is in how you think. Each individual has to do their individual work on themselves to change the part of the environment they have control over. Your life is under your thought control but it contributes to the environment with how you act within the environment. What makes ghetto is the collective consciousness of acceptable conditions and behaviors.

If the way you think, believe and act creates your life then the way a group of people thinks, believes and acts will create the environment of that group. This is common sense. Acceptance is an action when it comes to the environment.   For example:  When thieves and murderers continue to walk around the community because no one wants to snitch, then thieves and murders are acceptable in the community.  The effect is in the cause and the cause is in the effect.


The effect is in the cause and the cause is in the effect. #getrightquote
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