Roccia is a British rapper who was inspired to rap in Italian by Tedua.

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Roccia is 20 years old, he will be 21 at the end of March. He’s British rapper who raps in Italian. He’s been learning Italian for a few years, still continues to do so, and loves what he does. He got inspired by the Italian rapper, Tedua’s music, mixtapes, and albums. Roccia had a very similar upbringing to Tedua. Tedua’s mixtape was called ‘Orange County’. There was a tv show Roccia use to watch with same name similar to his life, and he found out that’s why Tedua named his mixtape ‘Orange County’. Roccia

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  • Ryan Hassan
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    Thanks for the write up

    • Vint
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      You’re welcome. Don’t forget to share it everywhere! We will grow together.

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