#RatethisTrack “Neeja” (feat. Eevaan) by You Are Here

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#RatethisTrack “Neeja" by You Are Here. This jazzy, hip-hop track is soulful and well produced.   The horns and overall musical arrangement is tight.  Give your music review in the comments below and let the artist know what you're feeling the most. I dig the tempo change up and the general musicianship of the track. However, is it #DatGetRightMusic? I think it could be but I need help deciding so let me know what you think by rating it.  Check "Where I Go" another track by You Are Here.

I could find no trace of You Are Here on social media.  Surprisingly, this is not all that uncommon.  I don't know how artist can work so hard to make music, yet neglect the social media work it takes to get it heard.  Thank goodness I'm here to let people know what they're missing, lol.  I did find Eevaan Tré on Twitter and Instagram you can follow him below.

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