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Multi-faceted artist Poppy and multi-platinum selling DJ/producer Diplo release their new single for the soon to be much talked about “Time Is Up.” The single is the latest off of Poppy’s forthcoming album via I’m Poppy Records/Mad Decent.

I'm unsure of where the name Poppy comes from however it fits the style of music I've heard so far.  It's poppy in nature and I'm sure that's why the name fits but which came first.  It doesn't really matter because I like pop music.  I always have and for some reason, I feel I have to forgive myself for this.  I realized pop music is probably the most straight up music there is.  It says what it's about in its title.  It ain't pretending to be one thing while it secretly desires to have pop status. It sets out to be popular and goes about its business.  You can't be mad at a pop artist for blowing up or going pop.  It's probably why they look like they're having the most honest fun.  While a very popular artist from most other genres still seem to have to show some connection to who they started off being.  A country star stills has to have hay, a dirt road, a horse, old pick-up truck or a farm in the video.  A rap star has to have ghetto or excessive luxury scenery, guns, scantily clad women, and still can't smile.  All the while pop music stars are doing whatever they please.  In other words, a rap or country music star can't dress like Prince or Lady GaGa.  This makes them the freest.

I say all that to say, I declare my freedom to like pop music if I wish, and I do.

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