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Bringing bold new tendencies to a world of avant-garde classicism, popular song and contemporary electronic minimalism, the Berlin-based Emika has, since the turn of the decade, transposed perceived notions of music on its head. Of late, her patrician approach to the time-honored sounds of orchestral music has caught up with her evolutionary style of bassy, Trip Hop and Melancholic Pop, underpinned by the glitched, steeping design of her academic yet abstract production techniques.

Her current live performance, furthermore, has seen Emika reconceptualize the way she takes to the stage. Embarking on a new hybrid approach to song and sound manipulation, Emika now presents a new live show with Israeli drummer and electronic percussionist Ran Levari. Exploiting new technologies in live vocal looping, sample triggering, sequential synthesis, and live drums, it’s an advanced vision that is uniquely their own.

Having signed to Ninja Tune for her first two albums, Emika (2011) and Dva (2013), she established her own eponymous label in 2015 which, in a single year, released both her Drei and Klavírní long players. With her fifth studio album now upon us, Melanfonie, the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign that allowed her to work with the City Of Prague’s 50-piece Philharmonic Orchestra, Emika is once again breaking new ground for singer-songwriters, producers and performers alike.

Emika’s fifth full-length album Falling In Love With Sadness, co-produced with Robert Witschakowski of The Exaltics, will be out on Emika Records on World Mental Health Day the 10th of October 2018. A portion of proceeds will go to a UK-based mental health charity.

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