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Emmit Fenn and Vic Mensa unite to bring us the soulful track "Pouring Rain".  I listen to Vic Mensa's lyrics and notice it's a rap tale comprised of a list of circumstances.  Over time I've rewired my mind to see circumstances as the product of minds.  Although the situations and circumstances relayed in the track speak of the drama of the lives involved, each person in the story has a mental make up shaped by how they saw and reacted to life.

It's a sad story, like so many, but I use it as a reminder to focus on the beauty of life.  Aside from the story, lyrically and melodically the track is cool.  I decided to reflect on the story because I want people to think about mindsets and mentalities and how they affect life.

Enjoy the music because that's why I featured it.  Emmit Fenn is a new-to-me artist I found on Soundcloud.  Follow him and let's see what else he has up his sleeve.  Vic Mensa is one of those artists I heard about for a while but still haven't checked out closely, however, he's higher on my ever-expanding list of artist to explore.

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