H3ATM!SER is an American rapper/songwriter, “High-C” being his first single with more coming soon and in the future. Follow, Stream, Share.

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H3ATMiSER [Featured Artist]

H3ATM!SER is an American rapper/songwriter “High-C” being his first single he only has two single on his page for now which will have more coming soon and in the future. Follow, Stream, Share.

Since I’m doing this post for free and several artists seem to think just a few words about themselves is enough to get the job done, I’ll use this space to talk my talk.  Besides, Google really doesn’t like short posts with little written content. This is why I give plenty of space on the Featured Artist form to input a biography of the artist.  These artists are new to me and I give them exactly what they give me. I will eventually listen to music to see what I like but for now, I’m primarily knocking out the post.

The overall goal is to give the artist a place to present as much of their content as possible combined with a comment area for future fans.  In time, I’m sure the artists will realize a good post needs more bio information.  Share this post on the social media platform they use and tell them you want to know more, on the post.   Or, write a post in the comment area for the artist relating how their music affected you.  I may use it up here instead of this public announcement, lol.

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