Delta: A rising and aspiring artist who loves the art of music production and music engineering.

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Delta [Featured Artist]

Canaan Thompson, aka 'Delta', is a rising and aspiring artist coming out from Stephens City, Virginia. A passionate and dedicated musician with a big heart, Delta loves the art of music production and musical engineering. Delta has been creating music for 6 years now and has only progressed his passion and knowledge for his craft. From producing electronic compositions and bangers to hard-hitting, bass-driven rap beats, to even testing waters with genres he's never experimented with before, Delta is always willing to try and put tons of effort into his works. Delta has worked with many other local artists such as $utle, St. Bucci, Delxntae, Durty Dex, and many more, he's extremely happy to work with his local musicians and help them as much as possible. A new generation of music is being born, and Delta is apart of it.

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