Critical Mischief uses his lyrical talent to tell his story.

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Critical Mischief [Featured Artist]

Critical Mischief is a young artist with an ambition to represent his story through music. Using his to talent to project his concepts, there’s only room for improvement here on out.

Often people don't realize our story is more important than our music. Relationships are based on commonalities. A fan + artist relationship comes from how we relate and what we relate. W can feel others story if we've gone through the same thing. A good artist tells their story in a relatable fashion. A great artist does it to music that makes the words more powerful or irrelevant. If the music is outstanding you can say a bunch of psychobabble to it and it will still slap (like the young folks say), like Parliament Funkadelic for example. Strive to be a great artist and prosperity is assured.

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