Andy Kelly and Young Face want you to listen to their song “No Judge Me” and rate it.

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Andy Kelly and Young Face [Featured Artist]

These two artists from Nigeria’s Benue State want you to listen to their song, “No Judge Me” and rate it.  Rate this track here on this post and in the New Music Elevation group here on Bodybyloud! 

The universe has plenty of good music all around us, it’s just a matter of bringing it into our lives.  I figure, if we show love for what we like and ask others to do the same, all we have to do is align ourselves with people who like similar things and we’ll find more of the things we’re looking for as individuals.  Just makes sense to me,  If you want something from the universe, your chances of getting it are better if you put that same thing out to the universe, like kindness.  One of my takes on the Law of Attraction is: The universe projects back to you what you project out into it. Express love and more often than not, love is gonna be expressed back to you.

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