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Philosophies and Communities are Bodybyloud!

In the course of living, we pick up and utilize philosophies we instinctually feel can help us on our journey.  These philosophies may be proverbs, sayings, old pearls of wisdom passed down through the ages, or newly coined phrases of what seems poignant and noteworthy.

We use these philosophies as our rudders through life.  Depending on their significance in our mind at any given time, they steer us, in the sometimes stormy sea of life.  Picking some up along the way and let others fall by the wayside as we seek the life we desire.

Often we lose sight of some mantras and affirmations we always intended to live by.  I never want to forget my personal standby; Everyday, in every way, I Prosper.  However, I know I've done just that when I find myself worrying about something.

The Blessing of Technology

Thankfully, we live in this age of addictive technological devices like cell phones, tablets, and apps.  Having constant access to cloud storage and reminders of those gems of inspiration and knowledge, we have the capability of keeping habitual contact with ideas we wish to live our lives by.  These devices and apps, if used for this purpose, can help us stay focused and motivated to stay on course and accomplish what we wish to.

The Wisdom of the Crowd

If you're like me you also need other conscious minds to emotionally support your journey.  This support community provides more wisdom and most important, techniques to help you make use of the valuable information.

This what Bodybyloud! is made for.

We are a community of like-minded individuals who share and learn from each other.  Envision a communal place of Resource and Discovery.  As with all the groups of Bodybyloud! our goal is to make our lives better while helping to make our fellow man lives better.

We do this by sharing and pointing others to life-enhancing information when we think we've found it.  This is why philosophies and communities are what Bodybyloud! is here for.

If you understand where we're going Join Us and let's grow and flourish like we're supposed to.


If you love to share Inspirational and Motivational pics, books, quotes, memes, videos, lectures, etc.  Join the Conscious Elevation group here on Bodybyloud!  Let's motivate and inspire others to become the best version of themselves they can possibly be, as we journey to do the same.

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I, Bodybyloud! Vint, am a Practitioner of Creation and Elevation of life by thought. We create by thought and this website and brand are creations of thought. As thoughts change so will this site, brand and me.
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