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Only Thought is Creative

This is a Bodybyloud Vint's Loudtalk in the GetRight Spot! podcast episode where K1L2 and I discuss the principle set forth by Thomas Troward that "Only Thought is Creative". We get deep about what this principle means and the truth in it.  It's our very first elevation session together.  Listen to the YouTube edition for the full episode.

I, Bodybyloud! Vint, am a mental scientist because The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward, helped convince me that we have power in our consciousness.

Mental scientists believe that control of conscious thought and feeling have a creative effect in life.  I've always been a thinker and believed thoughts have creative power.   This belief was affirmed through the writings of the Honorable Judge Thomas Troward.  I now consider his writings to be a master teacher's guidebook on how to live a wonderful life.


The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science

Plain and simple, I, Bodybyloud! Vint send out a challenge to ALL atheist.  I challenge Any and All atheist to listen to or read The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward and explain to me why you deny the existence of the supreme creative force, the universal mind, GOD.

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